Xbox Games with Gold October 2017, What to Expect?

Xbox Games with Gold October 2017

Xbox Games with Gold for October 2017 is close by as the month of September comes to a close and some of the existing titles in the free month will soon be removed.

Going by the trend Microsoft has been following in the past few months, we guess some of the games listed in our predictions will make its way to the Deals with Gold for October 2017. Every month, the developers are supposed to pick at least one AAA title which is mandatory. Unless they do so, they won’t be able to convince players that the Xbox Live Gold membership is worth the yearly subscription.

Xbox Games AAA games

Besides, from a gamer perspective it is great to have one AAA game for free every month which will significantly grow your games list without having to pay extra.

Big Game for October 2017

The big AAA title that is heading to the Xbox Games with Gold for next month could probably be Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. The guess is simple because it is the only game that didn’t make its way to free month yet. But, it won’t be finding its way to the Xbox One console but rather for the Xbox 360 edition. Despite the ageing 360 console, Microsoft is still in a situation to provide a notable title on the older generation platform so as to keep gamers busy.

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On the Xbox One console, the best guess would be a single or couple of episodes of Life is Stranger. The main game has become the most wanted title of them all especially after the sequel got released and players wanted to know what happened in the first game. It follows the adventures of Rachel Amber and Chloe which when you play will make you want to grab the new prequel game more than ever.

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Indie Sounds Better This Month

If Microsoft would choose to give Unravel for free on the Xbox One console as part of the Deals with Gold, it is easily the best indie exclusive that you could get your hands on. The title is easy, fun and extremely colorful with the best visuals in recent times. It was released back in February and is yet to make its way to the free giveaway titles.

Besides, when you play Unravel on the Xbox One console it will sport the best graphics and make the game immersive than ever. Games with Gold for October 2017 will be announced in a week’s time or so and we can confirm if these games will find their way in the list.

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