6 Big Changes Apple is Bringing to iPhone 7 and Other Compatible Models with iOS 10.3

Apple iPhone 7

Apple has launched iOS 10.3 developer beta version and going by the changes, the company is about to make the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus among other compatible models much better with all these new features.

Better App Rating and Interacting System

The most prominent change that would make both app developers and users happy is the iOS 10.3 that allows better app ratings. In the previous versions, the pop-up that requests users to rate the app can be issued only three times in a year. Developers were not allowed to reply to user comments. However, the newest update allows developers to reply and also encourage users to rate/review apps they are using.

AirPods Find Easily

Find AirPods Easily

When Apple got rid of the 3.5 mm headphone jack and introduced the wireless AirPods, the first concern was losing them in the wild. With no wires and a very small design, you can lose these expensive devices and never find them again. The new update allows users to locate their device by making use of the maps functionality and you may not lose your headphones again. You can use the location to find where you used your AirPods last and maybe search there to start with?

User Interface Changes

Based on the developer preview screenshots released, it is easy to spot that some changes are made to the user interface and position of specific functions. The Apple ID and iCloud account settings are now immediately available as soon as you open the settings screen while other essential features are lined up before other less used features are listed.

Theater Mode

Getting rid of the eye straining blue light from smartphone screens is something most manufacturers are looking into. Apple iOS 10.3 introduces a new theater mode which introduces the Night Shift Mode. It allows users to get rid of the blue light especially when they watch the screen, a movie or any content in the dark. The screen turns yellow to offer better protection for your eyes.

Network Settings to Save Data

At the moment, the feature seems to be available only for users in United States. The phone automatically switches to a Wifi network if available and continue a call even when phone data or the network fails. The data limit can be set so that you don’t use more data than what your cellular provider allows. Some of these features may have modifications when the new OS gets launched for iPhones around the globe.

Apple CarPlay

CarPlay Support

Apple is serious about CarPlay and the new update will allow users to set their most used apps to be displayed on their iPhone 7 or other models running on iOS 10.3. It could be iTunes music player, maps and other important applications that automatically show up as soon as you dock your phone in the car. There is also a feature in the app that shows whenever there is an electric car charging point close by designed to make it easy for electric vehicle users who don’t need a gas station.

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