Apple iOS 10.3 Beta Version 1 Released, No More Fumbling for your AirPods

Apple iOS 10.3

Apple’s iOS 10.3 beta version 1 has been released and comes with several significant changes, not usually seen in point releases.

Along with the beta version, Apple has also released the macOS 10.12.4, beta version 1 for developers. This comes with the Night Shift feature from the iOS.

Switch to APFS

One of the important changes seen in the beta version 1 of the Apple iOS 10.3 is the move to Apple File System or the APFS. The announcement was already made in 2016 and has been on the cards. However, it is being implemented in the iOS for the first time now with this beta version. The new filing system of Apple will be available for all the Apple platforms, namely, the iOS, the macOS, the watchOS and the tvOS.

Apple iOS 10.3

It has been created for the purpose of flash storage and offers enhanced performance with a futuristic view, as compared to the present HFS. The files of the user will be retained while updating, but you cannot return to them after the update. It is, therefore, recommended that anyone updating to the beta version must do so only if necessary and only after doing a backup of the files.

Find My AirPod

This is another significant addition to the new iOS 10.3 beta 1. Users have become paranoid about losing one of their AirPods, so Apple has come up with this solution. Using the feature, users can send a beep through their AirPods in order to locate one or both of them. The user can also view the last location of the AirPod in the map, prior to loss of connection with the smartphone. Users can go near the missing AirPods and then use the beep functionality for narrowing down their search. There is also not much use in stealing these AirPods, as nothing can be done without the case.

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The new feature will bring immense relief to a lot of users. However, the new feature is not without its caveats. For instance, it relies on the location of the iPhone or the iPad and the Bluetooth for viewing where you had put them on the last time. The location is narrowed to the Bluetooth range of your iOS device that is signed into the iCloud.

Rating and Reviews

The new iOS 10.3 beta 1 version offers a new way of rating the applications. Developers will be able to use the SKStoreReviewController, API, for showing a dialog box that allows the user to rate or review an app inside the app itself, so that the user does not have to go to the App Store. In addition, developers can also respond to the reviews of the user on the App Store.

iOS 10.3 Set Cricket Scores via Siri

Cricket Scores

Another feature available to the beta users of the newly released iOS 10.3 beta 1 is that they can request Siri for the cricket scores or statistics for the ICC and the IPL. For instance, they can ask Siri about the cricketer who has taken the maximum number of wickets in the IPL last year. Maybe Siri can also explain more about the game to those who are unfamiliar with it.

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