6 Things to Learn About FS22 Mods and the Upcoming Game

Farming Simulator 22

The new and improved Farming Simulator 22 will become available at the end of November, and many fans are eagerly waiting for the release. It took GIANTS Software quite a while to develop the game, but it is finally coming this year.

Now, there have been quite a few revelations of the game before the release, so the players get hyped up even more. While some features are still kept secret, we can already get a view of what the game should look like. And if you have not been following the gaming news that much, you likely missed it. 

Let’s take a quick overview of what the title promises and what players can expect to see after they get their hands on the game.

More Mods

It should not come as a surprise that Farming Simulator 22 Mods will once again play a prominent role in dictating how players approach the game. Sure, the basic game should be plenty good by itself, but one of the biggest advantages of being part of the Farming Simulator game is that you can expect to see great additions that enhance the base game even more.

According to some calculations, Farming Simulator 19 had about 3400 different mods, and it is projected that the number will be even higher for the 22 version. Optimizations, visuals, objects, vehicles, and everything else the modders can come up with should be available shortly after the game gets released.

New Maps

New maps are always a welcome sign, particularly when you play simulator games. Spending time in the same environment all the time gets boring quite fast, and you might feel burnt out by the game not just because of the gameplay but rather what you see on a daily basis.

Again, the modding community will likely work on creating new maps from scratch themselves, but given how huge and time-consuming such projects are, it would be unwise to expect any modded maps to appear soon.

Thankfully, the developers revealed a solid lineup of in-game maps that let players choose between both American and European landscapes. Game mechanics and terrain should represent real-world counterparts and make the simulator feel that much more realistic.

Performance and Graphics

The game will run on DirectX12 instead of the outdated DX11 version. The former is friendlier resource-wise, especially if you have a low-end computer with a relatively weak CPU. 

Overall graphics, shadows, textures, and other visuals should feel more vibrant when compared to the last Farming Simulator game. 

It is expected that the overall performance will be better despite the game having pretty high requirements. At the same time, there will likely be a plethora of options you can adjust in the game’s settings, and graphics should not be an exception.

Modern Machines

A new Farming Simulator game would not feel right without a lineup of the latest farming machinery. The 2019 version has about 300 different vehicles, and this one should offer additional 400 vehicles, including tractors, trucks, transport trains, cutters, and so on. 

Besides, it is not just the addition of new machinery. The number of new objects, buildings, tools, and other things you can expect to find on a farm will increase as well.

Add the fact that the gaming community will work on additions as well, and you should have a plethora of both modern and classic objects and machinery that should help you immerse in the video game even more. 

Different Platform Support

It is always nice to see more video game developers accommodating different gaming platforms. One of the reasons why Farming Simulator 22 took so long to make was because developers were doing their best to make the game compatible not just on the usual Windows MS and macOS but also on consoles.

FS 22 will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X, Xbox S, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms. 

Now, just because the developers took longer than expected to make the game available on more platforms does not guarantee that the gameplay will be super smooth on some of them, particularly early on. You can expect a few hiccups here and there, though they should be addressed with patches that are bound to follow after the game is officially live.

Changing Seasons

Changing seasons was one of the most popular mods in the previous game. Players found the gameplay to be more realistic when you had a proper cycle of winter, spring, summer, and fall. 

GIANTS Software realized this and added the changing seasons’ mode in the game. It will be part of the basic model, and players will get to see how different seasons affect different aspects of running a farm, which is a good way to give yourself more of a challenge. And if you do not like the feature, there is an option to disable weather and seasonal changes.

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