7 Ways To Connect To Your Customer Using Today’s Technology

Since so many people use technology in today’s world, you need to look into the various ways you can connect through the internet. Companies use a variety of online channels to interact with customers, allowing them to develop stronger customer-business relationships. If you need some help identifying ways you can connect to customers, you could use these seven ideas.

Communication Platform As a Service

Communication platform as a service (CPaaS) is a service that allows you to easily communicate with your customers. It gives you a communication platform on a cloud-based service that lets you and your customers send messages to each other. This includes a ton of approaches, such as text messaging or chatrooms.

Sometimes, customers want a straightforward way to talk with your business, especially if they can get live help. This makes CPaaS useful since you can hire people to interact with customers and help them with their problems. After all, if customers know you will communicate with them, they will become more open to your service.

Social Media

Due to the popularity of this platform, many businesses will create social media pages as a way to interact with customers. When your business has a social media account, you can create posts with useful information. You can also interact with your customers, allow them to ask questions and build stronger relationships with them.

You have tons of social media platforms to choose between, so you could either use them all or focus on specific ones. The ones you focus on will depend on your customers since different groups of people will have their social media preferences. Either way, you have an excellent opportunity to interact with your customers through social media.


Your customers will want a place where they can get more information about your business. This makes blog posts useful since you can post updates and include important links as a way to interact with your customers. You can even include advice or suggestions based on your industry to help you gain more readers.

For example, if your business focuses on selling shoes, you can talk about the different materials and types in one of your blogs. This lets people read useful information while giving you the opportunity to share your business with them. To add to that point, you can add a comments section on your blogs, allowing you to further interact with your customers.

Live Video

As technology continues to improve, your business can take advantage of it by connecting with your customers in new ways. While businesses will create videos and share them, you could look into live videos as a great way to interact with your customers in an online space.

While videos let you easily share information with others, you can use live video as a way to directly interact with your customers. For example, you could create a Q&A, meet and greet and a variety of others videos through livestreaming. You can see what will interest your customers and offer that type of live video for them to enjoy.

Email Newsletters

Even though new forms of connecting to your customers can be effective, you also need to consider the tried and true methods. For example, many companies use email messaging since most internet users have email accounts. On top of that, emails are an easy way to interact with customers while keeping them informed, making it a solid option for your business.

You can create email newsletters and automatically send them to specific people, allowing you to share important information with everyone. You can take it further by sending other important emails, such as payment confirmations or recommended products. As you send useful emails and newsletters for your customers, they have a way to interact with your business.


Sometimes, you need to figure out what your customers want, so you can collect that information quickly through online surveys. Your business can create surveys and encourage customers to use them, allowing you to ask specific questions. From there, you can find out how your business performs well alongside improvements your business needs to make.

Online surveys are effective since you can ask your customers specific questions, letting you collect feedback to make improvements. For example, if you feel your customer service lacks in certain ways, you can ask questions pertaining to that subject. Doing so will allow customers to express their concerns while giving you the opportunity to improve your business.


To no one’s surprise, you can create a website as a simple way to connect with your customers. If you have a website, you can add links to various pages on your social media accounts, emails, blogs and other places. As you do so, you can encourage your customers to visit your website and see what you have for sale on it.

You can also use your website as a place to communicate with your customers. For example, if you have a website, you can create an email page that lets customers immediately send messages to you. That way, you can easily talk with your customers while allowing them to explore your websites for more information.


Technology stands out as a great tool to assist you when you want to interact with your customers. As you focus on connecting with customers, you can help them develop positive opinions of your business, which will lead to more sales and customers. Feel free to use any of these ideas if you want to connect more with your customers and improve your business.

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