Adobe Unveils Project Felix, the New 3D Designing Tool Especially For the Graphic Designers

Project Felix

Adobe made quite a number of announcements at the Adobe Max 2016 Keynote regarding the future of the Creative Cloud, along with a few updates to Dreamweaver CC and Photoshop, apart from bringing the apps for Photoshop Sketch, the Photoshop Fix, and Comp CC to Android.

These 3 apps were available already on the iOS platform and had now received updates for the same version. The Illustrator Draw and the Photoshop Mix apps received updates on both the iOS and the Android platforms. The highlight of the keynote was the unveiling of a new set of 3D modeling tools from Adobe that has been codenamed, Project Felix.

Project Felix

Adobe Project Felix

The trend in the past few years was just thinking about 3D. With Adobe unveiling its Project Felix and many other 3D designing tools, the users can also start designing in 3D now. With the new 3D designing tools, Adobe lets the users create photo-realistic images that are of high quality. Felix makes it very easy to composite all the 2D and 3D assets, apart from allowing building product shots, abstract art, and scene visualizations. The Project Felix has been made exclusively for graphic designers and not for the 3D experts.

No Experience in 3D designing? No Issues

With the new 3D tool from Adobe, the composite 2D and 3D assets can be converted into photo-realistic images without having any complex workflows or any steep learning curves. All the user has to do is drag the 3D-model and drop it into the tool along with the material and a light into the scene. Then the background image should be chosen. After this, Felix will detect the horizon line automatically and provide the gridlines which will help in aligning and placing the model in the right place and angle. Felix is capable of using the background image to generate the right amount of lighting.

Adobe Stock to Set the Scene

Felix arrives with a free library of models for the starters that also includes materials and lights which will help the starters to get going from the moment of opening the tool. The users can search for and license 2D and 3D assets from the Adobe Stock, that can be saved to the Creative Cloud Libraries of the user which can be used to work with later, directly in Felix.

Preview in Real Time

Felix allows the user to preview their designs as they are progressing with their work. This makes it easy for the users to experiment and to edit their ideas immediately without having to wait for a final image to see the work. The preview window can be enlarged which allows to check the details up closely. When the design is ready, it can be rendered into a high-quality asset which can be saved and can be opened in Photoshop if any further refinement is required.

Felix Does it All

Project Felix

Name the job be it Playing, Exploring, or Experimenting with designs, and Felix does it all. Felix also provides selection tools and camera tools which allow changing of angles and perspectives. The setting options, sliders, and buttons allow the user to stylize little but important details like the intensity of light and the glossiness of the material. Felix also makes automatic adjustments as the user goes with the designing work.

Adobe has said that it is working on making Felix more intuitive and user-friendly for the graphic designers so that it fits better and naturally along with the existing workflows.

The Beta version of the tool should be arriving soon to Windows 10 and to Mac OS X.

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