Overwatch Hits 20 Million Players in Record Time, Two New Events Confirmed


Developers of Overwatch, Blizzard entertainment is highly excited by the immense success the game witnessed in such a short period.

Sharing their joy with the media, the company confirmed during an investors’ call that the total number of players who’s got Overwatch has exceeded 20 million. Hitting such huge numbers in a short period is no easy job. The company’s huge backing in promotions and conducting events played a huge role in pushing the game into the multiplayer community. Besides, there was a huge audience who didn’t like the extremely competitive scenario found in League of Legends or Dota 2 who wanted a change. Being a third person shooter with lots of MOBA elements made the game an instant hit.

Overwatch Two New Events

Blizzard shared the news during the meet and also confirmed that the development team has planned to host two more events. The first two, Overwatch’s Summer Games and Halloween event was a huge success. It attracted a major share of the community and most spent their weekends playing the game, picking new costumes, perks and everything else the developers had to offer. When it brings them all on board, it’s obvious that the company would try to bank in on the success and recreate it every three months or so.

“The two events held so far was amazing and it gave use ideas on how to come up with follow-on content. Whenever there is an event happening, it drives audience into the game and there’s a high level of engagement in the game. So, it is likely that we are interested in hosting more such special events with additional content and are really excited. More details will be revealed at a later date,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO of Blizzard.


With the big BlizzCon2016 event coming up, he added that Overwatch will have a prominent place in the event. The game’s competitive tournament was a success and it helps more professional gamers give it a shot. Titles like LOL and Dota 2 became so popular because of prize money which is what Blizzard aims to increase so as to attract more gamers. While they did confirm that the game has 20 million registered users, the publisher didn’t confirm if they have managed to sell 20M copies of the game. In every perspective, the number is a huge accomplishment for Blizzard as no other game of theirs had touched such colossal numbers in a short period as Overwatch.

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