AirPods Wireless Headphones Now Available at Apple Store at $159 – Delivery 21st December – Forever Changing the Way Headphones are Used

Apple AirPods Wireless Headphones

You can now order Apple AirPods from Apple’s online store at the cost of $159.

The wireless headphones have been launched after several weeks of rumors about the release.

Apple AirPods

Delayed Launch

It was earlier speculated that the AirPods would be launched in the later half of October this year, but the company has delayed the launch for reasons not specified. Apple has announced with an official release to the press that the said AirPods would be available in the retail stores of the company. It will also be available at authorized reselling stores and some carriers, from next week onwards. The shipping of the AirPods will be done on a limited basis in the beginning. Apple has asked the consumers to check the online store regarding the availability and the shipping estimate of the product.

Bluetooth Enabled

The AirPods are Bluetooth enabled and can offer a maximum of five hours music playback, with high audio quality. There is a seamless connection between the iPhone device and the AirPods, which is also automatic. The AirPods come with a travel case that is included in it, and the case can be used as the charging station, offering a maximum of twenty-four hours battery life to the AirPods.

Seamlessly Connected

The AirPods are equipped with a W1 chip that offers seamless connections with all devices belonging to the Apple ecosystem. This enables the devices to get connected automatically when the battery case opens near an Apple device. The AirPods are also able to detect when the user is listening, when kept in the ears. Hence, if the user removes the wireless headphones, the music is automatically paused. Users can control the system with the voice commands given to Siri, Apple’s voice assistant for iOS devices. This feature can be accessed by double tapping on the ear buds.

Lightning Cable

The AirPods also come accompanied by the Lightning cable, for charging the included case. Users will have to run their devices on the iOS 10, the watchOS3 or the macOS Sierra in order to use the wireless headphones. Users can now buy the AirPods from at the price of $159. The deliveries are expected on the 21st of December in case of the US. However, the latest reports are that the delivery will be made only by the 29th of December or four weeks from the time of order.

Effortless and Magical

Apple AirPods Wireless Headphones

The new AirPods will change the way users have been accustomed to using earphones. When users pull the ear buds from its charging case, it turns on automatically and connects with the iPhone or Apple Watch, the iPad or the Mac. The audio starts playing when you put the device to the ears and pauses when taken out. Just by activating Siri, users can change the volume, the song, make calls or get directions.

The optical sensors along with the motion accelerometer present in the W1 chip enable effortless and magical features. The W1 chip is an ultralow powered one and uses battery life efficiently as well.

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