OnePlus 3T Review – 5 Reasons to Buy this Phone Right Away

OnePlus 3T

When OnePlus 3 was released, everyone was up and running to get this flagship killer in their hands. Little did they know that a much better OnePlus 3T was in the works.

The original OnePlus 3 was priced at $399, but for sure, the phone feels like a $700 device when in your possession. Whether it is the design, looks, performance – name them – the phone is just something else, much similar or even better than the likes of Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone flagships released in 2016. Enter the OnePlus 3T.

Priced at just $40 more than the original model, the OnePlus 3T is less than a few months on the market right now. With the OnePlus 3 having been there for just five months, the newer model came in to replace it with more power, a larger battery, and a better camera, but kept the same design and feel that made the former such a success during its short period of existence.

Without going into too many details, here is a look at the 5 reasons as to why we believe OnePlus 3T is the phone you should buy right away.

You only pay $439 for high-end specs

Unlike other cases where you have to part with more than $700 in order to get your hands on a flagship phone carrying premium hardware specs and features, the OnePlus 3T will cost you just $439. Interestingly, this phone will deliver the same performance as what you get on the likes of iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel XL, LG V20 or even Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, just to name but a few. Yet the cheapest of these handsets is valued at $750. With the 3T, you still get to save over $300 – it’s such a no-brainer unless you want to spend over $700 on a phone.

OnePlus 3T

A better camera

In the present world, no phone can be loved if it delivers poor photos. If you are one photogenic person, you will want to check out the OnePlus 3T. The phone ships with a huge selfie camera of 16MP, a feature you won’t see on any other flagship phone that costs over $700. The back of the phone has a similar lens, but you get more features on this end, among them OIS, EIS, PDAF and dual-tone LED flash. On paper, this is much better than the competition, although the LG V20 and iPhone 7 Plus ship with dual-lens cameras that make it a little harder to compete against.

Enhanced performance

As far as performance is concerned, there is no better option than OnePlus 3T, at least on paper. The phone ships with a Snapdragon 821 SoC and a RAM of 6GB, more than any of its closest rivals. In fact, it is only the Google Pixel XL that shares the same processor with OnePlus 3T, as for the rest (Android), you get the slightly weaker Snapdragon 820 alongside 4GB RAM. There is enough storage in the shape of 64GB, but if this is not enough, add $40 to your budget and you have a 128GB model. This figure is only bettered by the iPhone 7’s 256GB unit, but you will pay more double the amount in order to get your hands on this high-end iPhone unit.

Bigger battery

As noted earlier, the OnePlus 3T ships with a bigger battery when compared to its counterpart, OnePlus 3. The 3400mAh unit is just 50mAh smaller than the Pixel XL and 200mAh smaller than the Galaxy S7 Edge. However, it is ahead of the iPhone 7 Plus and LG V20, although the latter comes with a removable unit of 3200mAh.

OnePlus 3 vs OnePlus 3T

Fast charging

Android users have had the luxury of charging their huge batteries to full capacity in just about an hour or so thanks to fast charging technology. This is something you won’t find on the iPhone 7 Plus, but the Dash Charge technology on the OnePlus 3T promises to get your phone enough juice in just 30 minutes, something that should come in handy in times when you forget to charge the phone overnight and you should be reporting to work in the morning.

What do you think about the OnePlus 3T phone compared to other smartphone flagships? Let us know in the comments below.

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