Alfa Romeo 4C Is Scheduled To Stop Production By 2020

2016 Alfa Romeo 4C

A deadline has been marked for the Alfa Romeo 4C and if you are a fan of the model, it is time to buy the latest variant available in stores.

The brand has confirmed that they are going to discontinue the Alfa Romeo 4C by 2020. The lightweight sports car is a favorite for many automobile lovers. However, due to fiscal constraints, the auto brand has decided to discontinue the model. The report comes from a magazine which confirmed our assumptions. The car has been witnessing slow sales in the recent past which stopped them from considering a second generation for the model.

Ever since its launch, sales have been really slow for the Alfa Romeo 4C. In the year 2016, the car has sold only 309 units which is three percent less when compared to sales witnessed in 2015. Besides the lowering sales, the carbon monocoque material used to build the car is rather expensive and largely minimizes the brand’s capability to make revenue. It is another important reason that has pushed Alfa Romeo to discontinue the 4C model.

2016 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Customer requirement has changed in the United States where a mid-engine sports car which doesn’t have a power steering and less next generation features is hardly accepted. All these drastic changes have pushed Alfa Romeo 4C to its final production changes. The brand didn’t comment on the possibility of bringing it back to life with an all-new model. They probably would focus on something more relevant than trying to thrive on nostalgia.

The 4C was the big launch Alfa Romeo had in the U.S. which was also followed by the 8C competition and 8C Spider. Both these models were extremely limited in numbers. With models like the BMW 3 series, Mercedes Benz C-Class and Porsche Macan in the market, it was a really tough call for Alfa Romeo to leave their mark.

They continued to struggle in the scenario for many years until now. By discontinuing the 4C, the automobile brand could probably focus on building something new and jump back into the race. Based on their current strategy, Alfa Romeo has planned to launch brand new models by 2020 which will complete their line up and the next decade will focus on promoting their models to the masses. So far, they are travelling in the right direction but it’s going to take sometime before the brand earns a name for itself.

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