All-Green Xbox One S Minecraft Edition Console and Controllers Revealed

Xbox One S Minecraft Edition

Xbox One S, the cheaper Microsoft console had multiple bundles in the past with games like Gears of War 4, Halo 5 Guardians and Minecraft.

The difference is that all these consoles were either pure white or black but didn’t have any game inspired colors or designs on them.

Some special editions do get launched from time to time, like the Gears of War 4 special edition. Right now, millions of Minecraft gamers should be extremely happy as an all-green Xbox One S console has been announced. In the new limited edition console, the green design is carried throughout the hardware including the sparkling green controllers and the Minecraft fonts used instead of the conventional  A, B, X and Y. It’s definitely a fun looking console that you shouldn’t miss but the price tag may put off some players.

Xbox One S Minecraft Edition console

The grand Gamescom gaming event is underway where Microsoft made a lot of announcements. While their new 4K console Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition hogged all the limelight, there were some more interesting news to follow. The pixelated Xbox One S Minecraft Edition console. It comes with 1 TB hard drive providing enough space for you to keep all your AAA titles installed and some excess space for those launch titles.

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When you buy the limited edition, you will also get a download code to get the full version of Minecraft. It includes some interesting DLC content and additional stuff including the Redstone pack. A couple of unique skins will be bundled with the download code. The highlight of the console package is the controller, which is inspired by the Minecraft Creeper character that has a pixel like color finish.

Xbox One S Minecraft Edition microsoft

If you find it too good, you don’t have to actually buy the console because the Minecraft controller is being sold separately. Another special edition model is the Minecraft Pig Controller which shines in bright pink. Both these controllers are already available for pre-order and will be shipped from September 21st onwards. When you go for the Xbox One S console, the exterior design and theme will be carried in the user interface.

The console uses Minecraft notification sounds, system sounds from within the game and comes with a vertical stand. It also has a Redstone circuit accents adding authenticity to the edition. The console costs about $349.99 which is expensive compared to the normal edition. The controllers are priced at the usual $59.99.

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