Xbox One X to Get Exclusive Project Scorpio Edition on Launch

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Before the announcement was made, it was known as Project Scorpio among Microsoft circle and gamers identified as the Scorpio console.

A lot of rumors and news floated with the codename. While it was officially confirmed that Microsoft is going to go with a new name on launch date, people still loved the stylish and unique sound the word Scorpio has. Basking on the success, the Xbox One X when it gets launched in the month of November will receive an exclusive Project Scorpio edition.

You can easily compare it with the Day One edition Xbox One console had when it was officially launched a couple of years ago. The difference is that, it lets console owners show everyone that they are dedicated Microsoft fanboys and had purchased an exclusive version of the gaming console much before everyone else. As with the norm, different variants of the X machine will launch in the future carrying exclusive titles in the bundle like Gears of War 4 or Halo 5 Guardians.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio

The Project Scorpio edition has been confirmed based on leaked documents and screenshots acquired from a German website. The retailers in Germany, Saturn and MediaMarkt had listings of this special console which has been removed now. It was not done until the media managed to grab hold of the screenshots that reveal the special content within this console bundle.

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Going by the images released, the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition will have a 1 TB hard drive combined with the same powerful hardware the base model has. The difference is that a stylish text that reads Project Scorpio has been printed in green, both on the console and black controller. Compared to the base model, the body of the console seems to have a woven texture but it is not confirmed at the moment. We need to see the actual listings once again and maybe see it from other retailers to recognize the cosmetic changes made on the outer area.

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Promotions are rife for the upcoming console as Microsoft has even tied up with Doritos which features green edible stuff on the inside. It is one of the most expensive console in recent times, as the Xbox One X will cost a solid $500 when it gets launched in the month of November. The pricing may go much higher in other regions where local taxes add up to the already expensive price tag.

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