Alleged Oppo R19, R19 Pro and Several Other Oppo Phone Models Certified by CMIIT in China

OPPO R17 Pro

Oppo PBCM20/PBCT20, PCAM10/PCAT10, PCDM00/PCDT00 and PBAM11 smartphones have been certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CMIIT) in China.

The exact identities of these phones are under the wraps. Based on the model numbers of the Oppo phones launched in 2018, the names of the newly spotted handsets can be guessed. The model numbers of the CMIIT approved smartphones suggest that these phones are designed for the Chinese market.

The Oppo A5 smartphone from 2018 has PBAM00/PBAT00 as its model number. Hence, it can be speculated that the PBAM11 phone certified by CMIIT could be the upcoming Oppo A5 (2019) or Oppo A6.

The OPPO PBCMP10 was launched as Oppo K1 in the previous year. Hence, there is a possibility that the OPPO PBCM20/PBCT20 smartphone to could be the Oppo K2 smartphone.

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The Oppo R17 Pro from last year has PBDM00/PBDT00 as its model number. Hence, it can be assumed that PCDM00/PCDT00 could be the upcoming Oppo R19 / Oppo R19 Pro phone. Oppo R19 is believed to be coming with pop-up cameras.

Several Other Oppo / Realme Phones in the Making

The CPH1909 model number was recently certified by TKDN Indonesian authority in the previous week. It could be a different country variant of the above-mentioned phones that have bagged approval from CMIIT.

We also spotted Oppo Poseidon running with Snapdragon 855 in Geekbench. Rumors also point to the existence of Oppo F19 and Oppo F19 Pro which are expected to be unveiled during the MWC with 10X Optical zoon. Let’s also not forget about Oppo Find X2 that’s also doing the rounds.

Oppo is reportedly working on the launch of the Oppo F11 Pro. The handset that has a model number of CPH1969 has already received approval from certification bodies in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. As of this writing, there are no details available on the specifications of the smartphone.

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OPPO’s sibling brand Realme is also working on new phones. Recent reports have revealed that the RMX1821 model number belongs to the upcoming Realme 3 smartphone. One of the unidentified Realme phones with model number RMX1851 has also been recently approved by TKDN in Indonesia. Probably, it could be the rumored Realme smartphone with a 48-megapixel camera.

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