Amazon Alexa offers Smart Locking Compatibility, Taking Over the Home Smartly

August Home Smart Locks

Amazon’s Alexa can now lock your doors for you, with the new compatibility feature connecting to smart locks.

The voice assistant is slowly taking over tasks in your home the smart way. The features first began with controlling the lights and the thermostats in the home.

amazon alexa smart lock

Taking Over

What began as taking over control of the lights and the thermostats in the house has evolved to the latest feature enabling owners to lock their front doors using a simple command to Alexa. This presents the latest conquest of the IOT (Internet of Things) by Amazon, using Alexa, the popular voice assistant. Alexa now has more access to devices in your home. However, this feature amongst others could also lead to more concerns regarding privacy.

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New Skills

With this latest smart locking feature, it is seen that many startups as well as several hardware companies are ready to partner with Amazon. For instance, Wink, a smart home startup along with other lock manufacturers such as Schlage and also Kwikset, has offered compatibility of their devices with Alexa. The user will now be able to check out whether the doors of his house are locked. He or she can also command Alexa to lock the door, if the door is fitted with a compatible lock. Users can do this by using a voice command for Alexa using the Samsung SmartThings or the Wink hub.

No Unlocking

The announcement of the new lock feature using the voice assistant has resulted in raising some concerns among users of smart home devices and products. However, all the above-mentioned companies offering compatibility to the feature have emphasized that the voice assistant Alexa cannot be used for unlocking the door, but only for locking it. Therefore, there doesn’t seem to be any security issue with the feature, as thieves or unwanted people cannot access the door merely by asking Alexa to unlock the door.

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Unlocking Feature with Code

However, one maker of locks compatible with Alexa is August. The maker offers lock functions for both locking and unlocking. But the person has to inform Alexa with the secret code before she can oblige. A Wink states that all locks offered by Schlage and Kwikset as well as Yale already have the ability of connecting with the Wink hub. They will all be able to work with the voice assistant Alexa. According to the Amazon site, the Connect Touchscreen Deadboltfrom Schlage, the SmartCode locks from Kwikset and several Yale locks are compatible with SmartThings hub.

August Home Smart Locks

Ultimate Security

The new feature offers ultimate security to owners. It is also very convenient, as owners need not carry their keys around with them. Some of the smart locks also offer anti pick shields promising to protect the lock against tampering. The locks also offer a capacity of several unique codes that the user can customize for particular days and times. Some locks will also offer alarm modes for sensing vibrations at the door, so that the customer is immediately alerted. In short, it will offer a smart assistant that can be used with Alexa to protect your smart home.

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