Amazon Launches New Colored Variant for Essential Phone with Alexa Built-in

Essential Phone with Alexa

Essential Phone is a revolutionary device in many ways and most people loved it. The company is trying to push more sales as it has been witnessing a huge dip in number of buyers due to pricing.

Pushing things forward is the new Amazon exclusive Essential Phone which sports a new color variant and comes with Alexa voice assistant built in. The company is not only pushing a brand -new color variant for their loyal buyers but have introduced a total of three different colors to choose from. The newly launched variants include Stellar Gray, Ocean Depths and Copper Black.The phone’s pricing however is on the higher side as it costs close to $599 and most can actually go for a flagship from Samsung, Google or LG at this price point.

Apart from the three new colors which were recently announced, the one that is now being sold on Amazon will be featuring the voice assistant Alexa as well as sport the new color named Halo Gray. The way Alexa works in the Essential Phone seems to be inspired by Huawei Mate 9 and for those hardcore Android fans who would prefer nothing but Google Assistant, they still have the option to keep using it as their preferred AI assistant.

The biggest selling point for the new Essential Phone is its price tag as the model is much cheaper compared to the other versions of the same phone. You can buy the device for just $449 which is pretty cheap considering the flagship specifications and the iPhone X-like bezel-less display it offers with a top notch. There aren’t too many Android phones which sports such a display and it also has a decent camera, latest Qualcomm snapdragon processor with a near vanilla Android experience.

Essential Phone

While major brands like Samsung and LG choose to make custom changes to the Android interface, the developers of Essential Phone have decided to keep things simple.The phone is expected to receive newer updates much earlier as it doesn’t require any customization on the manufacturer end. The company didn’t meet the sale expectations and still has to go a long way so that they could come up with the Essential Phone 2. Introducing new colors and bringing the phones to different platforms with unique add-ons like Alexa voice AI support may make it more appealing to a different part of the customer crowd pushing some more models.

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