Amazon’s Alexa Now Connecting Your Phone Calls, Alexa Landing on Smartphones


Amazon is on the verge of debuting an Alexa device enabled with call capabilities, at least by the end of 2017.

Some anonymous sources connected with Amazon plans have been mentioned in a Recode report, as claiming that Amazon will be introducing at least one Alexa device of this type allowing the user to prompt a call by asking the virtual assistant to do so.


Connecting Calls

Alexa is already hugely popular as the virtual assistant in the users’ homes. Amazon’s Alexa is similar to Siri by Apple or the Google Assistant. This new report will see Alexa connecting the user’s calls as well. The report on Recode says that such a feature is already in the works at the company’s headquarters.

Intercom Feature

In addition to allowing users to prompt a call, the new Alexa could also perform the duty of an intercom system for long distances. The speculated intercom feature will be able to connect two or more than two Alexa users, regardless of their location, almost similar to a speakerphone.

Questions Unanswered

Though the report regarding the new feature of prompting calls in Alexa is an interesting one, there are some questions that remain unanswered. It is not known as to how the calling feature will work and whether the user will have a particular handle. It is also not known whether Alexa can synchronize with wireless numbers and a contact list on the user’s smartphone. If the latter feature is not present, it can be a painful process asking Alexa to make a call for you. However, there are reports that Amazon currently has a device that is capable of making calls, in a beta phase.

Alexa to Smartphones

It is clear that Amazon’s Alexa is now headed towards mobile phones. There was an announcement made by Motorola during the Mobile World Conference event. Amazon Alexa is coming to the Moto Z of Motorola as an accessory that can be snapped on. However, the digital assistant will come with full integration in the future mobile phones from Motorola, being released later on this year.

Alexa coming to Moto Z

Momentum for Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa is a digital assistant that comes with the Amazon Echo speaker. It is very popular with users and many companies are now trying to build the digital assistant into their devices, right from washing machines to locks. This gives Alexa a lot of momentum in the smart home. However, the device that everyone carries all the time is the smartphone. If users like the idea of Alexa on their smartphones, integration of the service will be a great boost and more smartphone manufacturers will jump on the idea. It seems very likely that Alexa could be the newest rival for Apple’s Siri and Google Now as well as Cortana from Microsoft.

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