Bugatti Chiron First Batch of Deliveries Commence, New Cinematic Launch Video Released

Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron is the next generation supercar that’s poised to take on the world with its amazing performance.

The model which was first launched at the 2016 Geneva Motor show is now being delivered to the first batch of customers.

The Chiron is ready for deliveries just in time when the 2017 Geneva Motor Show is about to take place. Just three of the models are finished with the production phase and will be delivered to the customers who live in the Middle East. The pricing of the supercar is definitely going to surprise you as one of these models will set you back by $2.55 million in the European region. The pricing doesn’t include the local taxes and delivery charges which we expect will be much higher when they land in the Middle East.

Bugatti Chiron First Batch

The automobile manufacturer has confirmed that they will be producing about 70 Bugatti Chirons this year. Production process is going at a rapid pace but at the moment only three of them are complete. The work is being carried out in their facility located in Alsace, France. Plenty of man hours and work goes into building each one of these cars as majority of the production process is manually carried out by real experts.

While the video should give you a fair idea of how they carry out the production process, it is to be known that over 1,800 individual parts will be available for the employees to work with. There will be 12 stations in the manufacturing plant where the team will put them all together to build the world renowned Chiron. It roughly takes about six months for them to complete one car. Based on the 70 pre-orders they have received, it should be a pretty big area to accommodate all of them so as to finish deliveries before the end of 2017. The components will be the same but the external body will be custom colored based on what the customer ordered and will be delivered to the team so that they can assemble it.

Bugatti Chiron

Under the bonnet, the new Bugatti Chiron is powered by a Volkswagen engine that easily delivers 1,479 horsepower combined with 1,180 lb feet of torque. The numbers are astonishing and it is obvious that the car will break all race track records once it hits the testing phase. The Chiron not only competes with competitors to stay ahead but also with its own predecessor model, the Bugatti Veyron that enjoyed the supercar status for so many years until the new car came in.

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