AMD Offers Free Copy of Far Cry 5 if You Buy One of the Select Radeon GPUs

AMD Offers Free Copy of Far Cry 5 if You Buy One of the Select Radeon GPUs

PC gamers often get unique and surprising deals which are never applicable to a PS4 or Xbox One owner.

Upgrading GPUs is an integral aspect of being a PC gamer and if you are planning to buy an AMD graphics card this season, you can get a free copy of Far Cry 5 from Ubisoft.

Being a part of the PC Master Race community is very difficult at this moment because GPU prices are sky-rocketing due to bitcoin and other cryptocurrency miners. These unidentified people are buying all graphics card available in bulk all over the globe. Be it Nvidia or AMD, both graphics cards are in demand in every part of the world that gamers find it extremely difficult to buy just one for their gaming needs.

AMD Offers Free Copy of Far Cry 5 if You Radeon GPUs

Most cryptocurrency miners buy three or more GFX cards in order to mine those coins that are often largely influenced by inflating market prices. As a result, PC gamers feel the wrath but AMD or Nvidia are unable to take any action against this trend as they can’t legally ask people questions when they buy their products for purposes that are nowhere related to gaming.

In such scenario, AMD is looking forward to pushing their GPU sales by offering a free copy of Far Cry 5 for players who love open world, shooter adventures. Published by Ubisoft, Far Cry series has managed to build a reputation through the years and initial impression of the game is quite promising.

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When you choose to buy any one of the select GPUs from AMD, including the Radeon RX Vega 64, RX Vega 56 and Radeon RX 580 graphics cards, you will get the $60 game at no additional cost. A free code for those who purchase one of the select GPU models will be e-mailed when you register your product at The game is set for release on March 27th and even though you can get your free code right away by buying the product, you will be able to play the game only on its launch date.

AMD Offers Free Copy of Far Cry 5 if You Buy One of the Select Radeon GPU

Ubisoft and AMD have announced a generous time period till May 20 until which you can get Far Cry 5 game codes or until stock runs out. The offer is available all over the world in all brick and mortar stores, as well as with online retailers. The new game has some AMD specific features like rapid packed math and shader intrinsics besides having full support for FreeSync 2. Far Cry 5 launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 27th.

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