Sprint Will Offer $350 for an iPhone X Trade-in to Upgrade to Galaxy S9

Sprint Will Offer $350 for an iPhone X Trade-in to Upgrade to Galaxy S9

Within days since the announcement was made public, the cellular service provider Sprint has been quick to spring into action and announce some cool trade-in offers to get the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The latest flagship smartphone from Samsung is a safe play as the designers refrained from making any making changes. They decided to retain all the best aspects of the Galaxy S8 including the bezel-less design, amazing OLED display and it’s overall design aesthetics. The changes are made to those areas that required an improvement and they have finally changed the position of the fingerprint sensor on the back, making it easier to access.

For buyers who are keen to get their hands on the Galaxy S9 which promises DSLR quality camera with an adjustable aperture, Sprint has some enticing new offers to choose from. The only catch is that you should be willing trade-in your newly purchased iPhone X for a meager cost of just $350. Sprint has some strict pricing policies in place which prevent them from providing anything more than $350 even if they are to trade-in a newly launched smartphone which got released months ago.

Sprint Will Offer $350 for an iPhone X

According to the latest announcement by Sprint, customers can choose to trade-in one of the eligible phones and get the Galaxy S9 without any upfront payment. After deducting the cost based on the type of phone you have, the monthly payment at the highest tier will be just $13.55 making the Samsung phone as affordable as it could get. The Galaxy S9+ will be slightly more expensive at $18.55 but still inexpensive compared to the standard pricing of $36 a month. The Galaxy S9 costs $33 a month without the trade-in.

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Sprint’s plans are good but if you are planning to exchange your old phone, you should consider waiting for a couple of days until other major service providers like AT&T, Verizon announce their own plans. The plans suggest the company would provide a discount of $350 for the iPhone X which costs $1000 at the end of the subscription period. The same value is applicable for both the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ when you choose Sprint as your service provider.

Sprint Offer $350 for an iPhone X Trade-in to Upgrade to Galaxy S9

The cellular service provider has announced that the deal is open to all existing and new subscribers. The limited time deal will also provide customers with a $150 Visa gift card that you can use to buy stuff and consider it a discount on the full pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ smartphone.

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