Android Customization with Android Online Tool #myAndroid Taste Test – Android Based on Your Taste

Google Android OS

 Google is offering a tool for helping customers to customize the Android OS using the #myAndroid online tool.

This is one of the great advantages of Google’s Android OS when compared to competitor Apple’s iOS. Google offers several options for customization, whereas Apple does not allow such options for the iPhone or the iPad users.

Google Android OS

#myAndroid Taste Test

It offers the online tool that has been created by Google for helping the user to create a perfect home screen for his or her Android device. The #myAndroid Taste Test has been created for use by regular users, rather than for Android fans. The latter category of users is very familiar with the launchers and the widgets along with icon packs that can be used for customizing the device home screen.

A Quiz

The #myAndroid Taste Test is in the form of an entertaining quiz that checks out whether the user fits in the House Gryffindor or if the user is more fitted to Iron Man or to Captain America and so on. After launching the tool, a series of questions are posted to the user and the answers to these questions will help the tool to decide the perfect option for a homescreen that the user would like.

google myandroid taste test

Questions and Choices

The quiz for #myAndroid Taste Test is a short one, but it could take longer if you take longer to answer the questions. The questions offer options for wallpaper, color scheme, icons as well as the user’s skill levels while using an Android device. There are also some psychological questions, aiming at knowing more about what the user needs in his or her homescreen.

At the end, the quiz offers 3 options combining wallpapers, icon packs, launchers and widgets. There are third party launchers as well along with the Google Now and the Google Pixel ones. The options come with all necessary links for downloading the apps and creating a customized homescreen. However, it is not very simple and users need to make some adjustments to the apps that they add.

A Fun Task

Considering whether the #myAndroid Taste Test is actually useful, it can be said that it is fun to take the test. The apps offered at the end could be useful to the user and it could offer several customization options. If you are a regular user, or one who has just switched from using Android devices to iOS devices, the tool will help you to narrow down your selection for selecting an Android homescreen. It offers a lot of customization options for the Google mobile OS.

myandroid taste test

Based on Taste

Some users might be overwhelmed with the amount of options available for customization. It is likely that such users will just end up with the default launcher, so in such cases, the #myAndroid Taste Test can help the user by pointing them towards the correct direction, while attempting to set up their home screen. The questions are basic and rather fun and the recommendations seem to be in accordance with the user’s taste and their needs.

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