$1000 OLED iPhone 8 Version Limited Edition, Speculation on Price Credible

iPhone 8 OLED

 The latest speculation on the iPhone 8, is that there will be an iPhone 8 edition priced at $1000.

The speculation does sound credible, as we are talking about Apple here. The company has never balked at selling its devices at a high price.

High Priced Devices

Apple has recently sold the Touch Bar MacBook Pro at an astounding price of $1799. The news about the $1000 iPhone 8 limited edition is therefore not surprising and is surely credible. This is because it is an Apple smartphone and will come loaded with all the new technology. The availability will also be limited to begin with.

MacBook Pro

Premium Brand

It is perfectly possible that Apple could price an iPhone 8 edition at a heart stopping price of $1000, but the company will also back it up with premium branding in order to justify the high price.

Theories and Analyses

Wayne Lam, an analyst from HIS Markit states that Apple will offer something new this year along with the tenth anniversary OLED iPhone. The new edition will probably be offered as a limited edition device. However, the numbers will probably increase next year. According to Raymond Soneira, the president of the DisplayMate Tech, Apple will probably keep the price of the OLED iPhone 8 as high as it can, with the limited number of the displays that they will receive from the supplier, Samsung Display.

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Conventional Devices

In case of customers and users who are not ready to cough up a sum of $1000 for the iPhone 8, there will probably be conventional options like the iPhone 7s and the 7s Plus, according to reports from Macotakara and Lam from IHS. According to Macotakara, a Japanese language site, Apple has been testing different prototypes, some with home buttons and some without the feature. It has also been testing several models with different materials, like glass and aluminum as well as white ceramics for the chassis.

Pricing Patterns

Based on all these latest reports, it seems that there will be a conventional priced iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus coming with an IPS LCD display screen. Alongside, there will also be a limited edition OLED iPhone 8. There might be millions of users who will be willing to spend $1000 and more for a limited edition version of the iPhone 8 this year. There is also speculation that the OLED display limited edition version will be called the iPhone X and not the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 OLED

Expensive Technology

OLED displays are more expensive when compared with the regular LCD display, so it is natural that the price might be more as well. Also, Apple is known to sell its devices at such prices, so a $1000 for its premium limited edition device should not be surprising. In addition, it is also rumored that the company has been working on a 3D sensing feature for facial recognition and improve image resolutions for the camera application on the iPhone 8, with Lumentum.

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