Google Pixel Experiencing Distribution Problems, Google Struggling to Ship Pixel Components

Google Pixel

Consumers are speculating that Google is facing distribution problems with Pixel phones, and is not able to keep up with the shipping of the vast number of components for manufacturing the Google Pixel smartphones.

Though Google recently announced the coming of the Pixel 2, there are many customers who are still finding it difficult to get hold of the Pixel 1.

Proper Foray

The demand for the Google Pixel phones has far surpassed the expectations of the company and they seem to find it difficult to manage the supply end. It seems that the company lacks infrastructure for distribution of the Pixel devices on a worldwide bases.

Google Pixel

The Google Pixel smartphones represent the company’s first proper entry into the market for smartphones. With the Pixel smartphone, Google has entered into direct competition with Apple and has been able to cement its reputation of offering a premium smartphone platform.

Demand Problems

Android Pit states that the real problem of distribution for Google lies in shipping the components needed for manufacture of the Pixel smartphones. According to the hardware head of Google, or Alphabet to be more precise, Rick Osterloh made a statement in an interview with Android Pit, that the demand for Pixel smartphones is more than what the company has in its stock. There is no online recording available online pertaining to this interview, but if Osterloh has made such a statement, it stands to reason that it is the truth.

Problems Concerning Distribution

One of the major problems faced by designers is the dearth of second sourcing with respect to components. This means that if a designer wants a particular component to be used in a design, it is often seen that the there are not enough for a mass production. An important part of the Google Pixel phones is the Snapdragon, 821 chipset and there are very few distributors who carry this chipset. The problem of sourcing is a possible explanation for the sold out position of the Pixel devices.

Entry of Pixel 2

However, this puts the entry or announcement of the Google Pixel 2 in a very strange position. Will customers be willing to buy the Pixel 1 if the next generation smartphone of the series, the Pixel 2, is available? The VergeGoogle had confirmed that there will soon be a sequel to the Pixel 1. According to Osterloh, the industry has the annual rhythm, so Google can be counted up to release the 2nd generation of Pixel phones this year.

Google Pixel XL

Will the Pixel 2 also face the same problems of distribution and sold out conditions. It is surely thrilling for customers to get hold of an exclusive phone, but inaccessibility of a device can also be frustrating for other customers.

Strange Issue

The problem of not having access to components for the Pixel 1 device is rather strange. It is in the best interests of the company that they do not miss out on potential profits, as against maintaining the exclusivity of their phone.

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