Android Marshmallow: Common Problems and their Solutions

Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow may have only hit over 1% of the Android devices so far. This is yet to change as recent developments have seen many devices getting the Marshmallow update.  

A number of devices have already received the Android Marshmallow update with several other Android devices planned for this latest OS update. Released October last year, Android Marshmallow is a clean cut version with new features and improvements on the previous Lollipop version of the OS. With few months in the market, some flaws have been identified with Marshmallow. Some of these problems can, however, be fixed.

Installation problem

A number of Nexus owners raised issues about Marshmallow installation. A “missing system.img” error was being reported by users. This error was due to a file that could not allow for the flashing of the system image.

To fix this, simply unpack the zipped image file and assemble all unzipped update files in one folder. Using Fastboot terminal commands, flash each and every file individually.

App(s) freezing or crashing problem

After the Marshmallow installation, some users have complained about indiscriminate app crashes. Simply clear the app cache once you notice this issue. Open the settings menu and then go to “App” > (affected app) > “Storage” > “Clear cache”.

You can also opt to simultaneously clear the cache of all apps by going to “Settings” > “Storage and USB” > “Cached data”> “OK”.


Draining of device battery

Generally, updates to a device drain the battery life. This is also one noted issue with the Marshmallow update. To fix this, you will need to wipe the system cache. It is basically clearing the cache as explained above. Alternatively, you can do this from the recovery mode.

Switch off your phone. Long press the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons at the same time. Use the volume buttons to scroll to “Recovery” and then select using the “Power” button. Move down the list and select “Wipe cache partition”. On the options that appear select “Yes” and then reboot your device.

GPS problems

With the Android Marshmallow update installed on a number of smartphones, some users have complained about GPS accuracy problems. Suggested solutions include switching the GPS on and off while the Wi-Fi scanning is enabled. Alternatively, you can switch on the Power saving mode to get the GPS accuracy.

Wi-Fi issues

Some users who have just got the Marshmallow update are experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity problems. Simply switch on and off Wi-Fi, activate and deactivate the airplane Mode, erase the available network connections and re-add them again and then reboot your phone. After this is done, reset all your network connections settings.

These are not obvious Marshmallow problems but those that might be expected with its installation.

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