Android Marshmallow Update News: Xiaomi Mi 4, Xiaomi Mi 3 and Xiaomi Mi Note

Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow has proved to be an elusive operating system for quite a number of flagships. Even though the OS has been around for more than five months now, a number of Xiaomi’s smartphone flagships are yet to receive this operating system.

However, there is finally some good news for those who own some of the latest Xiaomi smartphones, among them the Xiaomi Mi 4 and the slightly older Xiaomi Mi 3. In addition, the Marshmallow update is also headed to the Xiaomi Mi Note regardless of where you live. Xiaomi has recently been in the headlines thanks to its excellent introduction into the flagship world with a Xiaomi Mi 5. Of course, this device comes preinstalled with the latest Android Marshmallow OS.

The new Marshmallow OS on Xiaomi Mi 5 comes with the latest MIUI 7 running on top of the stock Android OS. However, for those updating their Xiaomi Mi 3 or Xiaomi Mi 4, the latest version of the interface available is v6.3.17. It is further recommended that before you update to this new skin, make sure you’ve updated to version 5.12.17. With the latest version, you will be treated to bug fixes, performance improvements as well as new features.

Xiaomi has quite a number of smartphones in the market right now. In addition to this year’s flagship and the Xiaomi Mi 4, there are other models such as the Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi Note, Mi 4i, Redmi Note series and even the Xiaomi Mi Pad. However, the Chinese OEM has not mentioned anything with respect to these devices’ Marshmallow updates.

Android Marshmallow

Xiaomi’s international market

Most users of Xiaomi devices are based in Asia since the company sells its products in markets where it’s already established, among them India and its home country of China. Even though it sells some of the best smartphones around (the Apple of China), it hasn’t been clear on when it will be making its break into the international market involving Europe and the United States.

For now, the only way enthusiasts of this company can get devices such as the newly released Xiaomi Mi 5 is to actually make a trip to China, India or any other regions where the device is sold in order to get one. Alternatively, you can have it shipped to your location, something that many potential buyers would not bother getting into.

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