Android O final release a few weeks away as Developer Preview 4 starts rolling out

Android O

It won’t be long before the final and stable version of Android O starts rolling out. Up until now, those taking part in the developer preview program have already received three versions of the OS and today, the tech giant has just started dishing out the fourth and final developer version to all compatible devices.

All devices that are part of the Android Beta Program, among them the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, are currently receiving the OTA update to the new version as at the time of this writing. The company has also updated its pages with the latest system images, where you can also choose to flash them manually to any of the supported phones.

Google notes that this version brings the final system behaviors, final APIs as well as the latest patches that will be launch alongside the stable version of Android O. The tech giant had already updated its timeline with a Q3 release date and not so long ago, we got a report suggesting that the OS could be rolled out before mid-August.

With this release, Google is essentially saying that the latest Android O developer preview 4 is stable enough to work on your Pixel and Nexus devices as a daily driver without any major hiccups. As far as developers are concerned, this release marks your last chance with respect to testing all of your apps and publish all the updates before the rest of the Android family starts getting the stable version of Android O.

If you have been uncertain about what the beta version of this Android O would do to your phone, well, this latest version presents you the best chance of getting into the program. Given that beta testers will likely be the first to receive the stable OTA updates, you might want to take your chances and join the program. Still, you can also get the updated system images and do a manual installation.

So far, the name of the upcoming Android O has not yet been confirmed, but with Google saying that the final release will happen “later this summer” it won’t be long before we find out the exact name of the Nougat successor.


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