Google Project Fi customer service is simply phenomenal – here’s why

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Despite the fact that Google Project Fi is only limited to a set of devices that include the Pixel and Pixel XL, one thing that makes the MVNO one of the most interesting cellular carrier in the country is their customer service.

In one word, we can say that Google Project Fi customer service is simply “phenomenal.” This can be seen in the latest development where the carrier is making up for a data usage reporting issue that occurred over the recent past. Apparently, some Fi users were unable to get accurate details of the exact amount of data they used over a period of one month ending July 14.

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In order to make up for this issue that is obviously coming from the Project Fi end and has nothing to do with the end user of the service, Google is giving out credits that are aimed at covering any unattended usage. According to the company, there was a lag in reporting that ended up with some data usage from June 14 to July 14 not showing up on Project Fi accounts as expected. As a result, those who use the Fi app or even website to keep an eye on their data usage were not able to receive the usual warnings, which resulted in usage of more data than their intended packages.

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Google Project Fi has thus decided to keep things simple by awarding extra credits for the impacted data that was used during the said period, which is basically any amount of extra data that was used above the intended plan. You will be able to see these credits appearing under the “extras this cycle”, but you might take some time to notice it on your device since the company says that the credits will show up over the next couple of days.

Emails about this development were sent out beginning Friday last week and the company has also made similar posts in other support forums.

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