Will Project Fi eventually get all Google Voice features?

Google Project Fi

Google’s Project Fi is one of the best wireless network service providers out there. Even though the service is only limited to five Google devices, many will agree that it has the potential of getting much better than this.

On the matter of being limited to a bunch of Google Pixel and Nexus devices, the search engine giant has already confirmed that it will soon be adding a non-Google device to Project Fi. If reports are to be believed, this will be the Moto X4, a phone that is expected to be unveiled in Q4 this year. With this move, Fi will definitely be headed in the right direction as it will basically be opening up the service to other devices.

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Another great thing about Project Fi is the fact that you can enjoy a number of Google Voice services on the network. Many people are already enjoying the services of Voice in the U.S., but it would be a dream-come-true if all of the available features were to eventually make it to Fi at some point in the near future.

At the moment, Project Fi users can enjoy a bunch of Voice features such as calling, texting, and checking voicemail on their Android and iOS devices as well as the web, limited call forwarding, call blocking, international calling and a few others. However, there are others that are currently not available on Fi.

Like you, there are many Project Fi users that are wondering whether all Google Voice features will at some point come to Project Fi. In a bid to find out this, one user took to Twitter to ask the Fi team about the chances of this happening.

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In response to this concerned user, the Project Fi Twitter handler was quick to note that at the moment, there are no clear details as to whether this will be possible, eventually. However, the handler mentioned that this feedback will be forwarded to the team. Whether this will be considered in future or not is still unknown, but given that Fi has been getting some Voice features in the recent past, it could suggest that in the long run, all, if not more, of the features available on Voice will make it to Fi, hopefully.

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So, the question here is would you like to see all Google Voice features make it Project Fi? Let us know in your comments below.

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