Android P Lets You Connect 5 Bluetooth Devices at Once and Cool New Animations

Most users are still using Android phones running on older operating systems but Android P is coming soon whether you are ready or not.

The new OS is expected to be launched with Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones by the end of this year.

Designed to make use of the amazing hardware power many flagship models have to offer, Android P is pushing the boundary on a whole new level. Bluetooth headphones and speakers are on the rise. While the majority of the Android devices do have a 3.5 mm audio jack, people find it convenient to use Bluetooth headsets with active noise cancellation. They don’t have to worry about tangling cables and can easily use it,especially when traveling. Similarly, BT speakers are great for outdoor parties and when you like to relax in the pool listening to your favorite song.

Android P will officially support up to five Bluetooth connections simultaneously. The feature might sound like an overkill which is why Google limits it to the developer preview. They can now test how it works and whether it can seamlessly connect to multiple devices at once. With this feature, it should be easy to listen to your favorite song using on-ear headphones and stream the same to a large BT speaker so that others in your group could enjoy the music.

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With the rapid growth in technology, Bluetooth has come a long way from being an unreliable wireless source to a level where it offers amazing sound quality even when connected wirelessly. The sheer number of speakers and headphones available in the market stand proof to this claim. Android P has a whole lot of other new features to look forward as well but the new animations easily hog the limelight.

While Android 8.1 Oreo used to transition apps vertically, Android P will use a smooth side by side transition that looks pleasing to the eye. The developers have also switched from the cross fade animation used in Oreo when using the back button to a subtle yet clear vertical slide-in/ slide-out whenever you want to switch to different screens within an app.

Google is probably looking to copy Apple’s iOS interface as the side to side transition in Android P is very similar to what you would see on an iPhone. The development team may bring some of the best design elements from iOS to Android and the new features are expected to be introduced in Android P.

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