Sony Blocks PS4 Game Super Seducer that Teaches Players How to Pickup Women

Sony has blocked a PS4 game titled Super Seducer and has banned its developers from selling it on the PlayStation Store.

The dating simulator was simultaneously launched on PC’s digital distribution platform Steam without much fanfare and is going strong if we are to go by the reviews.

According to the developers, Super Seducer is the most realistic dating simulator on the planet. The game aims to teach players in a realistic manner on how to pick up women for a first date. The title was supposed to launch on PC and PS4 platform on the same date. Sony decides to ban the title exactly on the planned release date and hasn’t provided any clear explanation so far.

In their statement to Motherboard, Sony confirmed that they will not sell the controversial title in their digital store. The decision to not sell the game also comes right in time for women’s day and maybe the company didn’t want to get into trouble which could tarnish their image. Super Seducer is an FMV featuring seduction guru Richard La Ruina who will offer real-life tips on how to talk to women in different locations. He provides dating tips to pick up women in offices, coffee shops,and bars.

The developers of the game have included videos of the women who are involved in the game as well. It should give players an immersive experience and by giving personality to the ladies, they feel that it balances gender equality. “The women featured in the game are strong people and we have worked to ensure this is not another dumb FMV game. If I do something wrong, I will get backlashed for my moves. People assume that it’s an FMV game featuring a pickup artist but there’s more to it than what meets the eye,” said La Ruina in an interview with PlayStation Lifestyle magazine.

Super Seducer is now blocked on PS4 but the game got launched on Steam for PC gamers as planned. The FMV title costs about $10 and players will be able to purchase DLC content titled “Earning the Kiss” and “Nighttime Strategy” for $4 each. The game has managed to acquire about 53 reviews so far. Some of them are very positive on Steam while others rated it as too sleezy and don’t have meaningful content to explore. It is to be seen whether Sony will allow the game on the PS Store in the near future.

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