Apple CEO: iPhone 6S Cost is Too High in Some Countries, Price Reduction Plans Underway

iPhone 6S Plus

The pricing of the iPhone 6S and other iPhones has always meant that this smartphone lineup is only reserved for the elites. Apparently, this is something that Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is very much aware of.

However, according to the CEO, it is somehow beyond the control of the company when it comes to the pricing of this device in some regions across the globe. According to him, the price of iPhones usually hikes in certain countries due to the matters related to duties and taxes.

The CEO made this revelation during his tour in India as he acknowledged that indeed the iPhone has a high price tag in the country, something that is also affecting a vast area across the entire globe. In addition, he mentioned that unlike in the U.S. where the iPhone 6S, for instance, has a lower price tag as compared to India, Apple reaps more profits in its native country than it does in India over the same product sold.

The good side of the story is that Cook promised to work around the problem in the coming months and years in a bid to ensure that iPhones are not overpriced in other regions, which makes it quite costly for other people to buy the phone. Even though the CEO said that the company will be looking into a number of options regarding the iPhone price reduction matter, he was quick to point out that this will only target some specific markets and will concern local taxes and duties. In short, don’t expect the future iPhone to cost significantly cheaper than what you have to pay now for a new iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus.

iPhone 6S

No changes on the iPhone build quality

Since the price reductions will only apply when it comes to matters of taxations and duties, users can expect to have the same quality of iPhones selling in future even if the new solutions are found. One option the company has been exploring is to set up local factories that will ensure the idea of import taxes is eliminated. In the end, the iPhone asking price will be lowered.

At the moment, it is estimated that an iPhone 6S costs about $211.5 to fully out together whereas the larger iPhone 6S Plus costs $236. As far as the retail price is concerned, you will need $649 to get a new iPhone 6S while the latter will set you back $749. You can work out the estimated profits Apple makes from selling a single iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus.

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