Apple Eliminates the Headphone Jack for iPhone 7 – Jumping Ship and Switching to Android

Apple Eliminates the Headphone Jack for iPhone 7

If Apple decides to remove the headphone jack feature in its upcoming iPhone 7, you can jump ship and switch over to Android.

Headphone Jack

The headphone jack and the battery are two of the most ubiquitous features on any smartphone. You will find the headphone jack on all the iPads, the iPhones and the iPods. They are also present on all Android phones, tabs and laptops and even on some e readers.

Apple Eliminates the Headphone Jack

However, Apple seems to think that you don’t need the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. There are rumors to this effect and for the past several months, there were speculations about iPhone 7 getting rid of the headphone jack. This is probably being done in order to provide more space for an additional speaker or for a bigger battery. Latest rumors confirm that the previous rumors were true and the headphone jack is surely on its way out.

How to Listen to Music?

If there is no headphone jack on the phone, how are users supposed to listen to their favorite music. They can give up their wired headphones and get a Bluetooth set. They will probably have to purchase a pair that is suitable for use on the iPhone 7. There are also rumors of an adapter for Lightning to the headphone. However, by using this, users cannot charge the phone with the headphones on.

iPhone 7

Switching to Android

If the rumors are true, many users might want to switch over to Android. Though fans of Apple surely prefer the iOS to Android, they may not be willing to buy an iPhone 7 that does not have the headphone jack. The change might very well result in driving much of the iOS crows to Android.

Planning the Switch

Users who are planning such a switch nay want to plan and make a list. They have to make a catalog of all that has to be moved from theiOS to Android, such as Apps, important data, such as contacts and passwords and Music. They will also have to make changes in mail accounts and transfer photos, videos and so on. All this might not prove to be too difficult, but transferring data could be tricky.

If you have apps that you really don’t use, there is no point in installing them on the Android phone. As for the important apps, you have to find the Android equivalent, as most of the iOSapps have an Android replacement or equivalent. However, there are some that don’t have an equivalent.

Passwords and Details

In addition, there is no way that you can copy an application from your iPhone to an Android device. You have to install the same application or an equivalent from the Play store. You have to also remember the password and usernames of the apps, as you have to sign in all over again. It is, however, easier to get to data that is stored on the phone, as it is synced with the iCloud. So you can get the contacts from iCloud. There are also automated options available for such migrations, which is easier than manual migrations.

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