Apple iOS 10 Beta Users Get 4 New Emoji Sticker Packs

iOS 10

Apple iOS 10 is still very young in the mobile world, but the Cupertino Company wants to make sure that by the time the OS is ready for a public release, it will be mature enough to warrant an upgrade from the already magnificent iOS 9.3.

Still, the company has been vocal about its upcoming OS, claiming that it will be coming in with some really good features and improvements over the previous version. One such addition, as it has just turned out, is the introduction of a series of emojis, making the iPhone 7 pictography palette one of the most emoji-packed on the planet.

The company has announced a new set of emoji sticker packs that are already available to users of the beta version of iOS 10. This is great news for lovers of these characters out there, and it gets even better as the iPhone maker has also opened up the platform such that third-party developers can also come in with their own specially designed emoji as well as GIFs packs that can be used on the platform’s iMessage service. This will be made possible through an API that will be provided by Apple.

iOS 10

According to a report put forward by 9 to 5 Mac, the four emoji sticker packs released by Apple were available for download via the official iTunes App Store as from Friday night. The set includes hand signs, heart animations, classic Mac icons as well as 3D smileys. Those using the redesigned iMessage app to exchange messages can access the new emoji packs under a tab that has an App Store icon.

Emojis are a huge thing in the current world. Many people are currently favoring them thanks to their enhanced mode of communicating ideas that would have been otherwise terribly delivered via text. Apparently, Apple doesn’t want to be left behind, hence the inclusion of more emoji-based features in its new iMessage app, among them emoji suggestions as well as inbuilt GIF search.

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