iPhone 7 Rumors – Here’s What Will Make You Want to Have the Phone

Apple iPhone 7

Apple is working on the iPhone 6S successor, which will be known as iPhone 7. While the name of the phone might be easy to tell, it is not easy to do the same with the expected specs of the handset.

However, this hasn’t stopped speculations from coming in from all corners of the internet, with the latest pointing towards some cool additions that will make you want to have this phone. If the reports are to be believed, the new iPhone 7 will receive a redesigned Home button that is flat as well as come in with a fresh and one-of-a-kind space black variant.

Apparently, the new leaks are coming in through Martin Hajek, a person responsible for creating 3D renders for select products prior to their release.

In case you didn’t know, Space Black is a mere iteration of Space Gray and it is currently available to Apple users of the Watch only. Still, this Apple Watch variant is made of steel, something that the iPhone 7 is not. As for the Space Gray variant of the Apple Watch, it is made of aluminum.

On the front part of the iPhone 7, you will also come across some magnificent changes. The Home button still comes with the ever-reliable Touch ID, but it will probably be a flat, non-physical button, unlike with the previous version. If anything, you will only be able to see a ring-like button on a flat surface. While some might be asking Apple will succeed with integrating the Touch ID sensor on a flat Home button, it is possible that the recent breakthrough technology by Sonavation might be of huge help.

iPhone 7

Of course, this is still a rumor and given that most of the recent reports claim that the iPhone 7 will keep a larger part of the design language used on the iPhone 6S, it is easy to believe that this change in design might be spared for 2017. Still, anything is possible, but only time will tell what Apple has in store as far as the iPhone 7 and its brother iPhone 7 Plus are concerned.

The two are expected to be announced in early September, with the official release taking place a few weeks later, probably towards the end of the same month.

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