Battlefield 1 Brings 10 Maps On Launch, Single Player Campaign Details Leaked

Battlefield 1 alpha

Battlefield 1 alpha was supposed to be an exclusive event but data leaked and allowed us to know a lot about the World War II shooter. Now, we have information on the maps and the single player campaign.

A select bunch of players were invited to take part in Battlefield 1 Alpha. They were to sign documents so as to not share any information, screenshots or leak information related to the game. But, such regulations couldn’t stop a bunch of interesting information from leaking out. The game’s UI was first out with screenshots taken during the alpha gameplay. It was confirmed that DICE and Electronic Arts are getting rid of the browser based server search. Instead, it will be integrated into the game in a slick user interface.

The information was leaked by a Reddit user named Lobix300. The particular user seems to have so much information related to Battlefield 1. He confirmed that there are 10 multiplayer maps available in the game at launch. It is quite obvious because DICE and EA follows the pattern in all previous Battlefield games. There will at least be twenty more maps but all of them will be sold separately for another $60 as DLC packs. At least seven game modes are being offered in the game.

Battlefield 1

Classic game modes including conquest and rush will be part of the Battlefield 1 without questions. These are some of the most celebrated game modes and there is no reason for the developers to remove them from the title. Even though, the setting is different this time in the World War I scenario, the modes will function as it does so far. Additional modes specific to the game includes Breakthrough and Possession.

The confirmed multiplayer maps for Battlefield 1 are Amiens, Chateau, Desert, FaoFortress, Forest, Argonne, ItalianCoast, MountainFort, Scar and Suez. Almost all these names are new and doesn’t have anything to do with the previous Battlefield games. It is primarily because of the fact that the new game is set in an entirely new era and the maps are supposed to be designed to suit the requirement. No BF game have had horses and trenches except for the really old Battlefield 1942. It has been modern warfare for a long time which seems to be changing this year with the launch of Battlefield 1.

Single player campaign is divided into six episodes and there are 37 weapons including battlepacks. Stay tuned for more updates.

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