Tesla Model 3 Will Have Limited Customization Options on Launch

Tesla Model 3

Tesla is treading into a new territory to offer affordable all-electric cars.

The first of its kind, the Model 3 is scheduled for launch in 2019 and pre-orders have already gone rife for this particular car.

The company which has had a notorious history for delayed car launches and some launch date issues, is going to keep things simple so that they can satisfy most of Model 3 owners. The latest update confirmed that Tesla will provide just two color options on launch from which buyers can choose the one they like the most. And, there will be only two wheel sizes. Even though, the automobile manufacturer has some big plans for this affordable electric model which starts at $35,000, they won’t be supporting too much customization.

Tesla Model 3 Launch

The limited configuration policy, according to the team behind this idea will help ramp up the production process so that they can mass market the EVs without any delay. When the customizations are limited to just two colors and two wheels, they can get into production and make as many cars as needed within a short period of time. Most buyers who are interested in getting rid of their gasoline powered vehicles and move to electrified technology will receive their Model 3 in time.

Speaking at the shareholders meet, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla assured them that they will get things rolling as soon as possible and said, “When they order the Model 3 car, all they have to do is pick the color they want and the size of the wheels so that it could be pushed into production as soon as possible. It will speed up the production and ensure those customers stay onboard to receive their car.”

Tesla Model 3

As soon as the announcement went live, hundreds of buyers paid a refundable deposit to receive the Model 3 when it comes out. Surprisingly, it is still two more years to go but buyers were excited to grab hold of the fully electric car so that they stay ahead of the competition. After all, going EV is considered more environmental friendly and comes with a whole lot of autonomous features. Car that get launched by 2020 or later are expected to sport self-driving features which is a visionary idea being adopted by Tesla, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen among all top automobile brands. Later, Tesla will allow buyers to customize Model 3 in multiple ways once the initial hype dies down and deliveries are done in time.

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