Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max May Follow Google Pixel’s Path with this Feature

Apple iphone 12

Google Pixel is an expensive flagship smartphone which got the vanilla Android right.

However, it’s experimental feature a LiDAR scanner didn’t go so well but for some reason, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max might follow the path to implement the concept into their own flagship phone.

The advantage of having a LiDAR scanner on your phone despite the fact that it needs lots of space on top to be work effectively is it supports hand gestures. While smartphone manufacturers like Samsung have moved towards a thin punch hole camera, iPhones continue to use the large lip on their models. They are not a small notch but rather something much wider that enables them to make use of Face ID and there is no need to have an in-display fingerprint scanner in any of their phones in the past three years.

Apple iphone 12

The change is coming possibly in 2020 because of a new leaked screenshot kind of claims that there will be four cameras combined with LiDAR scanner. There is no leak that claims Apple would want its customers to use their smartphones without touching it at all. The idea is to make it easier to support gestures like waving your hand in the air to change the song, reduce the volume or open an app by pinching right above your display.

Leaked Info on Twitter

The information comes from Jon Prosser, a leaker on Twitter who has always had an excellent track record. When he makes a claim, people tend to believe it because he has delivered some authentic news throughout the past. According to his claim, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max will have a large 6.7-inch display combined with autofocus features, subject detection and maybe gestures when the LiDAR scanner is turned on. It is not surprising because the fact is Apple has already implemented the particular feature in its iPad Pro models. They are super expensive but bringing them to the Pro Max wouldn’t make them any less expensive.

In other sets of features, the Pro Max edition of the iPhone 12 will have enhanced night mode, a 120Hz refresh rate display combined with the ability to shoot 4K videos at 120 FPS. The screenshot has been posted so that you could get a good idea of these supposed to be new features on the flagship model. Obviously, it works well only for those who are willing to invest all their savings into the large iPhone whereas many have already set their eyes on the inexpensive iPhone SE 2020 as it gets the job done.

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