The Sims 4 May Have an Announcement at Gamescom 2020: Game Pack or Stuff Pack?

Gamescon opening

Electronic Arts will be taking part in Gamescom 2020 as all game events have now been pushed to be online only announcements.

Gamescom is as big as E3 and the Sims 4 will most probably have an announcement to be made during this but the big question, is this going to be a game pack or a stuff pack?

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Some of the new announcements and launches that we came across include the stuff pack, the nifty knitting pack. The Sims 4 is slowly reaching towards a stagnant position because the big packs are already out. The expansion packs and DLCs are already made available. Long time players have spent hundreds of dollars into owning their favorite pack. With no Sims 5 announcement insight, it is up to the developers and the publishing company to launch something exciting at one of the peak times for video games. According to a survey by EA, Sims 4 players thronged in millions during the pandemic lockdown and spent a huge share of money in buying their favorite stuff packs, game packs.

Gamescon trailer booth

Creating Hype at Gamescom 2020

The Gamescom 2020 event is hyped not because it is going to be mostly virtual but because of the hefty game line-ups. The next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles are getting launched in a couple of months. With such launches close by, Electronic Arts will definitely have more new games but the Sims 4, as well as new announcements for the title, will take center stage. The game will definitely receive a couple of new expansion packs if they are not going to release the Sims 5 anytime soon and that will keep players busy for couple more months.

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If you are looking forward to watching Gamescom 2020, the event is scheduled to take place on the 27th of August and will continue till the 30th of August. The first half of the show is the most hyped because it will go for two hours long including lots of games to be unveiled by Electronic Arts as well as other publishers. The companies have a history of making big launches at events like this. While we may not see an entirely new Sims title, there will definitely be Sim avatars and developers from different parts of the globe coming together to share something exciting.

Keep your fingers crossed and let’s hope we will have an exciting time watching Gamescom live as it happens.

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