Samsung Galaxy S8 May Feature Faster, Longer-ranged Bluetooth 5 Standard

Samsung Galaxy S8 Feature

Samsung Galaxy S8 should be here somewhere towards the end of February 2017 and while a lot is expected to happen in terms of design and display quality, it seems the phone’s wireless capabilities are set to get even better as well.

Apparently, Bluetooth 5 is about to make this wireless service get more hassle-free. This is true because the responsible Special Interest Group has officially said YES to the adoption of this new standard, which comes to take over from the current Bluetooth 4.2. The latest version 5 comes to improve everything, be it phones, wearables or even the Internet of Things in our homes.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Feature

The fact that Bluetooth 5 has been made official doesn’t mean it will start working today, rather, the group is adamant that smartphones and other devices using the spec will start showing up in about two to six months from now. Well, Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be launched on February 26, 2016, which fits the bill as described by the group. Still, this is something that hasn’t been confirmed, but given that Samsung is looking to bounce back from its Galaxy Note 7 setback, going for the faster, longer-ranged Bluetooth 5 would be an inevitable option.

With Bluetooth 5, Samsung Galaxy S8 handsets will be able to support up to four times the range, two times the speed and a massive eight times the amount of data that current Bluetooth 4.2 manages when handling broadcast messages. Given that lots of devices are continually finding their way into our homes, there is need to have such a strong wireless standard to keep them connected.

Apparently, Bluetooth 5 will do little to up the audio quality delivered by your Samsung Galaxy S8 to your wireless headsets. On the contrary, you will be sure of improvements in range, something that has been a huge limitation with the current standard. As for the said improvements in audio quality, you can expect to start seeing them starting 2018 onwards.

Galaxy S8 Bluetooth 5 Standard

Samsung Galaxy S8 is also expected to come with the latest Snapdragon 835 SoC, which is also much faster and more power efficient than its Snapdragon 821 counterpart. There is talk of a 6GB RAM module alongside storage of up to 256GB, but as noted earlier, these have everything to do with speculations and rumors.

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