Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 to Offer the Best Water Proof and Dust Resistance Features

Samsung Galaxy S8

The upcoming Apple iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship phones are expected to set a new benchmark for water proof, dust resistant capabilities.

The phones have always been at the forefront pushing the smartphone industry to new levels. They were the ones that introduced the fingerprint sensor, water and dust resistant capabilities. With the 2017 models, it is time make sure people no longer have to worry about their phone dying because of stuff like these. Latest rumors claim that you will actually be able to take the phone to the swimming pool without any worries.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Proofing a model completely against water and dust is no easy task. During their iPhone 7 reveal, Apple said that they are getting rid of the 3.5-mm jack because it doesn’t allow their phones to stop water from getting inside. The large hole which has many crevices makes it impossible for the design team to make it look aesthetically good but protect it against such external things.

The manufacturers are going to go with a tape technology. The tapes are slim, easy to paste on the corners of the phone and it is possible to repair the phone when required by removing them. While applying them is difficult, the Apple iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 will opt for the setup because they are cost efficient and makes their phones future proof. In case you want to fix any of the hardware issues, it can be done in the service center and they can actually put it back. Making a model that can actually be repaired has become more of a luxury in recent times.

Apple iPhone 8

The smartphone manufacturers are aiming to get a 68 rating for the water and dust proof capabilities, according to a report by a Chinese website. We expect more information to be available close to launch. At the moment, both of them are tight lipped about their upcoming launches. Samsung is getting ready to explain why the Galaxy Note 7 exploded and once they are through with it, they will focus on selling their new models.

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