Apple iPhone 8 Will Use Infrared Sensors to Unlock Using Facial Recognition

Apple iPhone 8

The rumors keep coming and Apple iPhone 8 just keeps getting new features according to speculations even though some or many of them may not make their way to the final device.

While Apple had lots of courage to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack, the company never felt the urge to introduce important features like wireless charging or facial recognition. A lot of iOS fans are unhappy that the way features are being rolled out to the phone is very slow at times when compared to Android flagship devices albeit the stability issues Android users face often. Recent reports based on a firmware listing confirmed that the company is indeed going to incorporate facial recognition technology in the upcoming model.

Apple iPhone 8 firmware

Earlier rumors suggested that the phone had a 3D face scanning camera in the front combined with a huge screen to body ratio leading to a near bezel less design. Based on the firmware documents that has been acquired now, it looks like these are no longer rumors and may actually have these features embedded in the smartphone. The update comes from none other than the Apple Homepod which suggests infrared technology will be used to unlock the smartphone.

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As with the trend, Apple will most probably launch the new iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus by the end of the year in the month of September. They have followed a tradition of launching phones in the month while iPods, Macbook and other devices are pushed to October. The release trend also provides them the space to sell their only flagship model so that it doesn’t lose market share to Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus besides others from LG or Huawei. All these phones get launched at a later time so that they don’t directly compete with Apple. The iPhone is the only best iOS smartphone that you could get your hands on that further boosts its exclusivity value.

Apple iPhone 8 facial detection

The rumors will not stop until an official announcement is made which ain’t happening until the big day. The phone is also being said to remove the fingerprint sensor permanently which will either be mounted on the rear end or in the touchscreen, a technology which is being ushered in by Qualcomm in association with the smartphone manufacturer Vivo. So many leaks so far and it won’t be long before we start receiving official news from reputed sources much before the iPhone 8 launch event.

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