Spotify App Update For Mac: Touch Bar Controls and AirPods Support for the New Apple MacBook Pro

Spotify app

The Spotify app for Mac has been updated to bring in the new Touch Bar controls for the brand new MacBook Pro models.

It will also support AirPods integration, where the music pauses when the AirPods are yanked off the user’s ear and will start playing when it is back in the ear. As per reports from Techtimes, the latest update will now be available for the 2016 MacBook Pro devices with Touch Bar.

Touch Bar Controls

The users of new MacBook Pro lineup will now get to experience Spotify just like iTunes, wherein the Touch Bar can now be used to control the playing of music like pausing, playing, shuffling, and also searching for tracks. The new update will also add a devoted volume slider to the Touch Bar, which allows controlling the music volume, independent of the system volume.

spotify airpods

Support for AirPods Auto-Pause

The updated Spotify for Mac app is now capable of supporting auto-pause feature with the AirPods, which will automatically halt the music when the wireless headphone pops off the users’ ear. The music will resume playing once the AirPods are snuggled back in place. This feature was primarily discovered by users since Spotify did not blow its trumpet too much about it.

Reign of Spotify

Spotify is still leading the music streaming sanctuary, as it sits on top of the charts by continuously keeping up with the field competitors. Spotify had made claims that it has 40 million users who have a premium subscription, which is twice as much as 20 million subscribers of Apple. The Spotify app can be downloaded for free from the company’s official site. There is also a free tier service for the users who fence about the Premium subscription. However, the drawback of using the free tier service is that it comes with ads that intercut in between the songs, and also, the users get locked in the shuffle mode of the service. A fee of $9.99 per month gives up on all this. Apart from offering many other things, the premium account users will be allowed to download songs for offline listening.

Spotify app

Apple Music, which was introduced in 2015, is a direct competitor of Spotify and was built to oust Google Play Music and Spotify in their ranks. Although it has been built into the iOS and iTunes app, users have been requesting for a standalone Apple Music app. Apple Music offers a celestial music library, along with pricing tiers that are similar to Spotify, which makes it a worthy competitor.

Spotify App for Apple Devices

Many users have been requesting since long for a Spotify app on other Apple devices, like the Apple TV and the Apple Watch.

However, Spotify has made it clear that support for these devices will not be coming out anytime soon, and Spotify has not even explained exactly the reason for prioritizing these two Apple devices down the lane.

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