Apple Planning to Remove Touch Sensor and Make 3D Facial Recognition the Norm

apple iphone facial detection

When smartphone manufacturers try to go completely bezel less, the touch button which is also a fingerprint sensor comes in the way.

It has been pushed to the back on the Samsung Galaxy S8 but Apple iPhone 8 might fully get rid of the button to pave way for facial recognition.

A lot of rumors have been floating with regards to the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Many of them are more dreamy than what the company would actually do like foldable displays. However, this one is totally legit as it comes from one of the leading newspaper and sounds more reasonable. When the manufacturer decided to remove 3.5mm audio jack on their phones, it was met with strong criticism. It may take years for everyone to follow suit and make USB Type C the only port for both charging as well as other accessories. Apple took the big step which may or may not succeed.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini

The same doesn’t apply for the decision to remove the fingerprint sensor on the phone if true. An advantage is that the designers can soon integrate the functionality directly on top of the touchscreen. It uses pressure points and will double up as a sensor as well as a display. According to the report, the Apple engineers are busy exploring innovation in the world of facial recognition. Reportedly, the company will use 3D sensors to identify the position of a person’s face which will be bundled into the front facing camera.

apple iphone

Along with facial recognition, the camera may also get a feature which works as an Iris scanner. Considering Apple’s long running naming system, the company may prefer to call it as the Retina scanner. It will be one of the fastest ways to unlock the phone within few hundred milliseconds, more like within the blink of an eye. The technology is expected to have more data points when compared to a fingerprint scanner which is a hit or miss based on your finger’s position. It is also more secure and will ensure your private data remains safe at all times.

The Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models will rely largely on the sensor’s quick ability to understand focal points on a user’s face. The system will work seamlessly even when the phone is lying flat on a table. All you have to do is move your face in front of the camera and it will unlock immediately reducing the need to pick it up manually to unlock each time. If they manage to perfect it, it will be released on the iPhone 8.

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