Motorola Announces Six Moto Mods: Showcased for Motorola Phones


Motorola announced six fresh Moto Mods, at its event in Ghana some days ago.

Motorola had promised to release twelve new Moto Mods annually. The company owned by Lenovo is attempting to fulfill its commitment.

Ghana Event

Motorola has unveiled several of its phones at Ghana and Motorola and MTN have hosted the latest event, which is a popular mobile carrier. A video of 17 minutes has been hosted in connection with this event and uploaded by the GhanaWeb TV. In addition, the six new Moto Mods videos were also uploaded, but taken down later.

1. Camera Mod

The Moto Mod, 360 camera, was presented at the Ghana event. It consists of a white colored back with a huge cylinder on the top and two cameras for wide angle on either side. The new mod is enabled with streaming of 360 degrees videos, with videos being streamed to Facebook Live or Instagram Live and other media services.

Moto Mod, 360 camera,

2. ROKR Concept

ROKR is an older technology seen in Motorola devices, coming with several audio improvements. The company has now revived it, under the name of the audio company called Marshall, offering a new speaker mod. There are already other audio concepts in the market, with the JBL SoundBoost and the SoundBoost 2 offering similar features. However, the ROKR concept is the latest one coming from a top brand, offering external inputs at the rear of the phone.

3. Studio Concept

This is another mod that is being offered jointly with Marshall. Studio mod offers a top-notch microphone for recording of music. The mod also appears on the top, though it is not as intrusive as the camera mod.

studio mob

4DirectTV Concept

This is one of the strange new mods, enabling users to plug streaming stick for streaming HDMI DirecTV in the phone. If you have a DTV subscription, you can use the mod to stream live television even on the go. AT&T has been promoting DirecTV recently, so this new mod is probably included in order to enable the Z2 Force to enter the AT&T shops. The mod was also released at the Ghana event, but it is strange, as DirecTV is present only in America.

 5. DSLR

The mod seems more interesting when compared to the others. It enables capturing actual DSLR lenses on the smartphone. It is much better when compared to the earlier Hasselblad mod of 2016. There is a small shutter button along with a light, offering a complete camera feel. It could make the Motorola cameras the best among the competition, probably better than the ones on Samsung and Google devices.

action mode

6. Action

 The 6th new mod is the Action one and is meant for using during outdoor activities or sporting activities. It is a rotatable mod, so users no longer need to take their GoPro when travelling on sporting locations.

However, all these six new mods are not yet official. The 360 degree mod for camera is almost complete in production, though the name given to it, Moto 360 Camera mod, does seem a little odd. The availability of the new mods has also not yet been announced.

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