Apple Using OLED Displays from Samsung for Future iPhone 8 – To Compete with S8 with Innovative Features

iPhone 8 Three Models

Apple is planning to use OLED Displays of Samsung for the next iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 – OLED Displays

The next generation of iPhones, iPhone 8, will come with OLED Display from the South Korean smartphone giant, Samsung. The new iPhone 8 will be launched in 2017 and it will also be 10th anniversary for iPhones. Apple is naturally aiming at creating a grand impression on this anniversary. It is looking to come up with a display that matches the S8 of Samsung Electronics.

iPhone 8 OLED Displays

Confirmation of OLED

There is confirmation regarding this news based on the 10-K filings made in Securities & Exchange Commission. Apple has place orders amounting to $4 billion and has signed on a contract with Samsung for a year.

Innovative Feature

Users of the iPhone have been asking for innovative features for the past two years. There has not been any major change in iPhone since iPhone 6, of course with the exception of the 3D Touch feature. Another innovation was the removal of the headphone jack and replacement with the dongle. However, this innovation has not gone down too well with users, as many of them are not happy with the elimination of headphone jack.

Improved Display Quality

Apple will be able to offer an enhanced quality of display by using the OLED technology in the future iPhones. The display in its previous iterations was rather sub par. As for the Retina display, it is not a match for the display seen in smartphones by LG or Samsung. By using the OLED display from Samsung, Apple will offer the competition an excellent display level, equal to the ones seen in other flagship phones of 2016 and even better than them.

iPhone 7 Devices

The iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus were rather a disappointment to users, but the Apple has managed to sett the devices, partly due to the debacle of the Note 7. Samsung was forced to call the Note 7 back and has suffered losses to the tune of $5.3 billion. The problem has been identified with the battery, which caused the explosion of the devices. However, Samsung will surely get back into the fray with the entry of its next flagship phone, the S8, in 2017.

10th Anniversary Preparations

There are rumors that Apple is planning big thins for the 10th anniversary of its iPhones. There are reports regarding a new iPhone with full screen. The new iPhone of 2017 or the iPhone 8 is already in the production stage. There are some reports saying that Apple has been working on this phone even before the launch of the iPhone 7.

An employee of the company says that the new iPhone 8 will come with a novel design that is different from the iPhone 7. The company will have to offer some revolutionary feature in order to compete with the S8.

iPhone 8 Three Models

Three Models

There are reports that Apple will offer three versions of the iPhone 8 in 2017. One of the models will come with the OLED display, whereas the other two will be using the TFT LCD tech. Even the dual camera feature seen in the 7 Plus model of this year will only be available only for 5.5 inches versions and not for 4.7 inches versions.

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