Twitter Suspends the Accounts of Many Well-Known Activists Supporting the Alt-Right Political Movement


After the recent release of the article on new features to tackle abuse on its network, Twitter has now started to suspend the accounts of the users who are associated with the alt-right political movement.

According to the reports of USA Today, the suspended accounts also include the one that belongs to Richard Spencer, who is the head of the National Policy Institute (NPI) think tank. The organization connects itself by carrying an identity that is associated with “people of European descent in the United States, and around the world,” apart from publishing related writings on Radix Journal, which is like its sibling site. The Twitter accounts of both the bodies have also been suspended, along with those of the other well-known alt-righters including Paul Town, Ricky Vaughn, Pax Dickinson, and John Rivers.

Twitter Suspends Accounts

Purging the Twitter Accounts

A YouTube clip was uploaded yesterday which was titled as the ‘The Knight of Long Knives’, which probably signifies an agreement with the 1934 coup of the Nazi leaders that was meant to help Hitler consolidate power. Talking about the account suspension, Spencer said that he was not being a troll and was not engaging in any adverse behavior prior to the ban of his account. He was also noted saying that he was alive physically, but on the digital grounds, there was an execution squad across the alt-right movement who has been banning them by suspending their Twitter accounts. He also said that there was a great purge that was going on and that the people who are supporting the alt-right political movement are being dropped with the iron curtain based on their views.

Twitter had previously terminated the account that belonged to Milo Yiannopoulos, who is the most outspoken tech editor at Breitbart after he had harassed Leslie Jones, the popular Ghostbusters actor on the Twitter site.

Switching Over to Gab

The head of the alt-right movement had quoted that he believed that there has been a clearly coordinated effort that was being made to trample the alt-right movement on the micro-blogging site, Twitter. He had also said that he was considering switching over to Gab, which is a social network that focuses essentially on giving its users the right to free speech with minimal or no censorship.

Alt-Right Political Movement

There will probably be no official report on this incident from Twitter as the micro-blogging website company had reported to USA Today, that it will not make any comments on the actions that have been taken with regard to the individual accounts due to privacy and security reasons. However, it would be really naive to think that this would be the last to hear about the subject. With Richard Spencer saying in the YouTube video that all this suspension of accounts has given a very clear sign that the alt-right political movement team is having power, it is still a guess to see how things will play out from here.

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