Apple Watch 3 with LTE Connectivity Could Change the Game

Apple Watch Trio

Apple is prepping to launch the new Watch 3 before the end of the year. Unlike the old editions, the newest version of the watch will support LTE connectivity.

When the company first launched the Apple Watch in 2015, it was met with criticism and ever since then the world of smartwatches didn’t flourish as expected. However, manufacturers have been continuously finding new ways to make the wearable devices better. While Apple is busy with all the iPhone rumors and postponed launch dates, the company is also working on a smart watch as confirmed by latest updates.

Apple Watch 3

The Watch Series 2 was launched along with the iPhone in September. The launch may vary this year because iPhone has generated too much hype with regards to the new OLED screen and the whopping $1,000 price tag for the 128GB version. It wouldn’t be surprising for the company to choose to host an event of its own for the three rumored models.

The actual release date for the Watch Series 3 doesn’t matter much because it is obvious that the company will make it public before the end of the year. The surprising addition is that it is going to support 4G LTE connectivity. A report from China claims a fall release is expected for the watch. Apple is partnering with a company named Compal Electronics to supply the necessary components. For a great selection of the latest solar watches, see superwatches which has extensive information about the different types of watches.

Based on recent rumors, the watch will move from a glass panel to a glass film touchscreen device with LTE support. Users will actually be able to insert a micro SIM card in it so that the watch can function on its own without having to rely on the iPhone 8 or any other iPhone for that matter. It gives the much needed breathing space for the watch and may encourage more users to buy it. In case you forgot your phone, you will still be able to send Whatsapp messages, check updates and even make calls using the Apple Watch 3.

Traditionally, the company launched Watch along with iPhones as it was an accessory to the phone. The Apple Watch Series 3 could be launched in a Mac event or possibly the iPhone 8 launch event expected to take place in the month of October this year. While the launch dates are purely based on rumors, introducing SIM card support for the watches sounds like a feature that buyers have needed for a long time and allows these devices to function independently.