Apple’s SEC Filing Reveals Huge Jump into OLED Technology for iPhone 8

iPhone 8 OLED

It looks highly likely that the next generation Apple iPhone, which is likely to be called as the iPhone and not the iPhone 7S, will come with an OLED panel.

The company has been long rumored to be considering the probability of using the OLED display in place of the IPS panels which have been a signature of the iPhone throughout its history. Sharp President Tai Jeng-wu has claimed recently that the iPhone was making a switch from the LTPS panels to the OLED display as a sign of changing time. The use of the OLED panels is reported to be the reason behind recent rumors of a curved display on the upcoming iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 OLED

The highly flexible material has many advantages and Apple are thought to be keen on becoming the first company to adopt this technology on a large scale. Up until now, OLED has been seen in a handful of prototype devices while there are television sets with this technology. However, they have so far been prohibitively expensive making it difficult for normal people to afford the product. Apple’s interest in this technology could result in the iPhone 8 being the first mass produced product available.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus comes with a dual camera setup which is undoubtedly the major talking point of the device. Apart from that, however, the phone lacks much in the way of innovations. In fact, Apple has not been hugely innovative since the iconic Steve Jobs passed away. The company has recently been coming with evolutionary products and this was especially true of their recently launched MacBook range. The MacBook Pro launched recently gave a glimpse into the world of OLED panels on a large scale. The Touch Bar on these new laptops may be small, but they offered OLED technology.

iPhone 8 OLED Technology

There are now major signs that the technology could be transmitted to the iPhone as well. Apple’s most recent Securities and Exchange Commission 10-K filing, though, gives the biggest hint of the use of OLED panels on the iPhone 8. The company has an order dating back more than year and the total value comes in at a whopping $4 billion. Such a massive order may not be necessary for the low volume MacBook Pro laptops and they are highly likely to be for the upcoming iPhone 8. The latter’s launch is likely to mark 10 years of iPhone and Apple seem to be getting ready in a big way.

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