BMW McLaren Supercar is a High Possibility, Possible Reveal in 2019

BMW McLaren 2019

The entire automobile industry might be surprised if this collaboration takes shape and pave way for one of the best supercars in history.

BMW was earlier rumored to work with Toyota to make a sports car but new speculations claim they might partner with McLaren to create an amazing supercar to be revealed in 2019.

BMW McLaren 2019

Toyota is a respected maker but they hardly has the posh and exquisiteness associated with a brand like McLaren. These are not new to people who have been following car news for a while. There had been prior rumors in the past that BMW McLaren is about to make a supercar by sharing their technology and resources. Unlike the past, things have changed a lot in recent times. Following Tesla, a line of new manufacturers have joined the fray and promise to make groundbreaking sports car powered by an electric motor.

Traditional automakers are supposed to revamp their marketing strategy and come up products that could actually attract their audience. The chances of BMW teaming up with McLaren to make a car is much higher now than it was a couple of years ago which adds credibility to this rumor. Being a completely fictitious model at the moment, we have very little information available with regards to the vehicle. The car will be a two-seater variant and will be powered by a V8 engine.

Both companies are using twin turbocharged V8 engines in their respective models for their flagship models. A joint venture should probably prompt them to go with the same powertrain as they have good knowledge on ways to tweak it and bring the best horsepower out of it. The speculated supercar will also be made entirely of carbon fiber material that sheds of weight like no other car in the market. It should allow the engineers to offer the best acceleration and top speed for the model due to its lightweight design. They may not have to reinvent new powertrains but rather shaving off hundreds of pounds could bring about the desired result.

BMW McLaren

BMW has already helped develop the amazing engine for McLaren F1 model. The car is an iconic product in the history of automobiles. BMW also has access to electronically controlled limited slip differential, tweaked versions of traditional powertrains and a host of other reasons to convince McLaren to work with them to develop a supercar that could competently go against their immediate rivals.

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