Apple’s WatchOS Latest Update 3.1.1 Suspended Due to Apple Watch Issues

Apple WatchOS 3.1.1 update

The latest update for Apple’s WatchOS has been suspended due to Watch issues.

This is after users had made complaints that the latest update had resulted in making the smartwatch useless. As a result, the company has temporarily stopped the 3.1.1 update for its WatchOS.

Apple WatchOS 3.1.1 update

Release of 3.1.1 Version

Apple had released the 3.1.1 version of watchOS in the early part of this week. The update was part of an upgrade for the watchOS. However, users immediately sent in complaints regarding faults in the software. Users of the Apple smartwatch claimed that as soon as the software was downloaded, the screen displayed red exclamatory marks, directing them to the Help page of the company.

The Problem

When accessing the Help page, users were asked to restart the smartwatch with a press and hold action on the side button as well as the crown for a period of ten seconds. However, if this also did not solve the problem, it was recommended that the users should access customer service.

Many users of the Apple smartwatch have discussed the issues online and claimed that the restarting process does not work. They had no other option but to take the device to the Apple Stores and get it shipped for repairs.

Update Suspended

After hearing about these issues, Apple has suspended the release of the update, so the latest stable version is still watchOS 3.1. The Operating System 3 was released for the Apple watchOS during the early part of this year. It was aimed at quick loading of apps and also to make some tweaks that enabled easier search of third party applications. The 3.1.1 update was not a major one and merely fixed some bugs and brought in some additional emoticons.

Bugs and Flaws

Usually, the company tests any new update for bugs and flaws with users, before releasing it to the public. Yet, it is possible that at times a bug or a flaw could slip through unawares. This is what has possibly happened in case of the new OS 3.1.1.

Watch Series 2

There are reports from AppleInsider, an Apple tracking website, that the flaw is more likely to be seen on Apple’s Watch Series 2 devices, released in 2016. The earlier models don’t appear to be facing the problem. The company has not made any statement regarding the cause of problems in some units. Apple has also not made any comment on the decision to suspend the said update. It has not responded to requests made by Fortune either.

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch 2 was first revealed in an event held in San Francisco in California, US, on the 7th of September this year. Apple had revealed the models coming with a new water resistant design and an enhanced camera along with a quicker processor. The company had also claimed that after offering six iterations yearly, it could make improvements that would be tempting enough to lure consumers to the next upgrade.

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