Destiny: Holiday Event-‘The Dawning’-Live on Xbox One and PS4

Destiny: Holiday Event

Destiny’s developer Bungie has sent out this year’s December holiday event and it’s dubbed The Dawning. The center of the event is the return of Sparrow Racing League which fans will be pleased to engage once again.

The Dawning update launched alongside Destiny update 2.5.0 on Xbox one and Play Station 4. The key part of the update – the speeder bike racing event – has now been made better with the addition of new maps adding up to double the previous figure. There are also new items quests, gear, gifts, weapons, and treasures. The update also introduces a scoring system for Strikes and new tricks to manipulate content in force.

The Dawning is live already, released on December 13 and will be ending on January 3, 2017, after three weeks run. It’s also vital to keep in mind that only users who purchased the latest expansion, ‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’, will be able to play the Sparrow Racing League.

The Sparrow Racing League (SRL)

For newbies, this racing event welcomes players to compete against each other on their sparrows in a six-player death race across enemy’s backyard. The three-week long racing event was first introduced in Destiny during December 2015 holiday update and it’s returning this year with the Dawning update.  On completing the races players earn spectacular prizes with include Sparrow Racing League customized emblems, gears, shades and even up to Sparrows!

The developer has added two maps to Destiny Worlds. Campus Martius on Mars and Descent on Venus will now be joined by Haakon Precipice on Earth and Mercury’s Shining Sands.

Destiny: Holiday Event

To get started, first, obtain the necessary quests and bounties from Amanda Holliday located in the Tower. You can also make the game fun and stylish by acquiring some skills from Eververse Trading Company. With everything set and ready you can now take a mark on the start line for an epic sparrow race.

What is available for SRL ineligibles?

For Destiny gamers who do not qualify for the death race, there will be enough goodies available according to update 2.5.0 patch notes.

The update is offering quests from the Guardian Outfitter – Eva Levante – and also from Commander Zavala. Completing the missions gives the gamer a chance to get the Year 3 Ice Breaker version which is an outlandish rifle that was abandoned in Year 2. Destiny is also getting a strike scoring system (will be explained later).

Besides, the Record Book is getting new challenges for the winter spell with nine winter-customized emotes which can now be purchased at the Eververse Vend. The update also features revitalized 3 Destiny’s earlier strikes in the past expansions: The Nexus which was present in the original game, The Shadow Thief which was contained in the House of Wolves DLC and The Will of Crota from the Dark Below expansion pack.

Strike Scoring System

Wondering what it is all about? Starting from this update, Destiny will now award you and your squadmates points when you participate in Stikes in the SIVA Crisis as well as in SIVA playlists, the case is the same for the weekly Nightfall strike.

Strike Scoring sticking around after The Dawning ends

Strike scoring and Sparrow Racing League will both stick around in Destiny even after the Dawning comes to an end early next year. However, players will only be allowed to race sparrows in private match ups.

Destiny: Holiday Event

In other news, the Tower has gotten some wintry decorations and it is a good feasting sight for your eyes. There are also some gameplay updates embedded in The Dawning. A secret feature has also been discovered in private Elimination competitions: it has been found out that if all competitors use the ‘wave’ emote in the starting half a minute of a round, then there will be no heavy ammo. It is already confirmed by Destiny’s developer though not in the official patch notes.

There is also a lovable change for Destiny veteran players. Gamers in level 40 are in for a further treat: the rare green engrams will turn to weapons or armor objects automatically which make it easier to rip items into shreds and save time.

Last but not least, exotic shards will be once again present on Xur’s inventory. He will now trade heavyweight ammunition in bundles of 10.

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